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Do you ever feel your blood pressure rise, sitting in a sea of stand-still traffic? It's not all in your head. All that time spent... [Read More]
Russia's invasion of Ukraine has revived Cold War era fears of nuclear war. Here, forecasters Peter Scoblic and David Mandel answer the question: What is... [Read More]
Clinics in Alabama and Mississippi are either changing their services or shutting down completely. [Read More]
We begin with a CNN exclusive – Vice President Kamala Harris gives her first interview since the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. We... [Read More]
At least 44 migrants have been found dead inside a semi-truck in San Antonio. Listen for more details. [Read More]
Former President Trump's election attorney John Eastman says the FBI seized his phone last week as the Department of Justice continues their investigations related to... [Read More]
The contrast between the theoretical legal bubble of the Supreme Court chamber and the confused, divided nation rocked by the destabilizing decisions of its conservative... [Read More]
A new amendment could add women's reproductive rights to California's state constitution after overwhelmingly passing in the state Assembly on Monday. [Read More]
Tencent's biggest shareholder will reduce its stake in the social media and gaming giant, just over a year after promising it would not sell the... [Read More]
CNN's Salma Abdelaziz visits the site of a training program in Ukraine where volunteers are learning to use US-supplied weapons. [Read More]
Monsoon rain for the Southwest as the Pacific Northwest sees cool temperatures. We are also monitoring tropical developments in the Atlantic. CNN meteorologist Pedram Javaheri... [Read More]
CNN 5 cosas 06/27/22 6pm... [Read More]
In the streets, court rooms, and legislative chambers nationwide, new actions occur as abortion rights wade into a new post Roe era. Actions include peaceful... [Read More]
President Joe Biden said the climate crisis is "the existential threat to human existence as we know it," and urged world leaders gathered for the... [Read More]
Recreational cannabis use is linked to a increased risk of emergency room care and hospital admission, a new study finds. [Read More]
As CNN Political Director David Chalian explains, the political fallout from the Supreme Court's decision to end the federal constitutional right to an abortion continues.... [Read More]
CNN 5 cosas 06/27/22 5pm... [Read More]
Multiple people killed, at least 50 injured when Amtrak train derails in Missouri after hitting dump truck. Listen for more details. [Read More]
An Amtrak train with 243 passengers derailed in Missouri after hitting a dump truck at a public crossing near the city of Mendon, according to... [Read More]
Amtrak is urging anyone who has questions about friends and family who were traveling on the train that derailed near Mendon, Missouri, to call their... [Read More]
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