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Last month, the telescope revealed the world's most detailed, high resolution images of the sun's surface. A UChicago professor believes it could help save the... [Read More]
Professor Linda Zerilli said that voters considering electability should be mindful of double standards based on categories such as a candidate's gender or race. [Read More]
UChicago for Bernie organized a panel for the open discussion of what a Bernie Sanders presidency would entail and the potential victories and pitfalls that... [Read More]
UChicago's mental health supports require improvement and standardization. [Read More]
2/20/20 newsletter discusses veteran students and Charles Thomas. [Read More]
Initially projected to open in winter 2021, the wellness center is now on track to open in autumn 2020. [Read More]
The Student Counseling Service is reconciling strains caused by increased demand while also attempting to serve more students. [Read More]
Student-athletes struggle with the same mental health issues as other college students but are less likely to seek out help, often leading to devastating outcomes.... [Read More]
The Massachusetts senator has had a slow start in the 2020 primary, creating questions about the campaign going forward and what it means for a... [Read More]
Charles Thomas's ongoing case has caused financial and emotional hardship for his parents, upheaving their lives, they say. [Read More]
Exposing the myth behind the idea of one, "right" college for each of us. [Read More]
Cultural centers may provide important mental health resources to students, but some worry they may not address issues of diversity and inclusion as activists hope. [Read More]
Despite a shiny new wellness center, administrators' approach toward mental health ignores student voices. [Read More]
"Birds of Prey" is a rollercoaster of action scenes, going from one beautifully choreographed fight to the next. [Read More]
Don't sit around the Reg waiting for Godot this week. Go see it, and so much more, for yourself! [Read More]
The University's hierarchical culture worsens the already severe effects of an anxiety disorder. [Read More]
In 2/18 newsletter, Maroon Talks to Student Counseling Head; Midway Review Returns | Newsletter for February 18... [Read More]
The first class of veteran students adjust to the academic rigor of the College. [Read More]
Meeta Kumar, the director of Student Counseling Service (SCS), spoke about reducing stigma around seeking out mental health resources and developing services that can address... [Read More]
UChicago hosts the 2020 UAA Swim and Dive Championship... [Read More]
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