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South Korea says that more than half the new cases are linked to a church in the city of Daegu. All branches of the church... [Read More]
With a Nevada win, Bernie Sanders is the clear Democratic front-runner. But his establishment rivals say he's "too progressive" to beat Mr. Trump. [Read More]
Women on the U.S. national soccer team are asking for $66 million in damages as a result of gender discrimination. U.S. Soccer says the women's... [Read More]
Adoption has emerged as another front in cultural clashes over LGBTQ issues, but the stakes may be more profound – because children are in the... [Read More]
India is at the center of the Trump administration's strategic vision for countering China. But its real allure may be the promise of adoring crowds. [Read More]
After withdrawing from federal funding last year because of restrictions around abortion referrals, Planned Parenthood clinics across the country face significant deficits. Now, some states... [Read More]
To the coal mining industry, cleaning acid drainage is a burden. Some researchers see the mine waste as a possible source of now-scarce minerals. [Read More]
In California, 415 delegates are at stake. Presidential candidates and their ads are out in full force ahead of the March 3 primary. Why it... [Read More]
After 18 years of war in Afghanistan, the long-sought peace agreement could begin Friday with seven days of suspended violence. The deal will be signed... [Read More]
Coronavirus's human cost is evident. But another kind of challenge for China – economic and political – is beginning to take hold. [Read More]
Poems on Wheels delivers poems along with meal trays to thousands of older New Yorkers, offering nourishment for body and soul. [Read More]
As Iranians head to the polls Friday, an increasingly dejected citizenry, and insecure leadership, are lowering projections for turnout. [Read More]
The first primary contest in a majority-minority state, Saturday's caucuses could also offer clues about the role Latino voters may play in the fall. [Read More]
Most of life on Earth goes unseen. So scientists like Jennifer Macalady work to bring it to light, sometimes deep below the surface of the... [Read More]
UN asks Greece to fix bottlenecks for the largest influx of refugees since the crisis' 2015-16 peak. Overcrowding hits locals and migrants alike. [Read More]
Mike Bloomberg and Bernie Sanders were prime targets during Wednesday's debate in Las Vegas as candidates picked on policy and personality differences. President Trump joined... [Read More]
President Donald Trump campaigned on promises to put business ahead of environmental interests. Last year, the federal government completed cleanups at six Superfund sites, the... [Read More]
A xenophobic attack in Hanau, Germany, which killed nine people, comes amid growing concerns about far-right violence. Chancellor Merkel said the shootings expose the "poison"... [Read More]
Emboldened by President Donald Trump's support and new Mideast plan, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appears to be charging ahead with construction. On Thursday, he... [Read More]
Today, this construction can be celebrated as poetic, or stigmatized as incorrect and "uneducated," depending on who is doing the a-ing. [Read More]
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