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At this writing, the leaders of Kent State University — in their odd quest to add global celebrities to this year's May 4 half-century observances... [Read More]
I respond to the Wednesday Dispatch editorial "Science and compassion should guide health care for LGBTQ young people," which stated, "Helping a transgender youth transition... [Read More]
Basketball fans across Ohio are gearing up for the start of the 2020 NCAA Tournament coming to Dayton and Cleveland next month. Fans are getting... [Read More]
U.S. Rep. Joyce Beatty has been a champion for health care for all Americans, especially those with preexisting conditions. She believes access to affordable, high-quality... [Read More]
The Columbus/Central Ohio Building & Construction Trades Council is honored to endorse Issue 21, which would allow Columbus State Community College to remain accessible and... [Read More]
Chinese President Xi Jinping has declared a "people's war" against the coronavirus.But as Aeschylus, the ancient Greek playwright, apocryphally said, "In war, truth is the... [Read More]
The Democratic Party is applying the modern golden rule —which is "whoever has the gold makes the rules" — to bend the debate qualifications to... [Read More]
I read with interest that our Ohio secretary of state opposes an appearance by Jane Fonda at Kent State University. If I were Frank LaRose,... [Read More]
You hear commentary and see political cartoons on the acquittal of the president and his reaction, but you hear and see very little on the... [Read More]
Student loan debt has more than doubled in the past decade and now exceeds $1.5 trillion. If there is one bit of good news, it's... [Read More]
This editorial represents the opinion of the Dispatch editorial board, which includes the publisher, editor, editorial page editor and editorial writers. Editorials, like opinion columns,... [Read More]
Joe's here to help you keep those New Year's resolutions regarding exercise. [Read More]
I can't resist the chance to try naming the Indoor Football League team that will start playing here in 2021.If you're of a similar mind,... [Read More]
Making a parrot harness is not as simple as sewing some strips of nylon together. In fact, there is no sewing involved. Dettore's company uses... [Read More]
Who else would the Senate acquit?Based on its judgment in the impeachment trial of Donald Trump, let's imagine how the world's greatest... [Read More]
What if chicken pox were a new disease? What would we name it?If the example of the coronavirus is any indication, not chicken pox.That name... [Read More]
Remember your grandmother's avocado-green kitchen? It could soon be yours. Or maybe it will be pink, mauve, emerald green or buttercup. Anything but white, because... [Read More]
Every object in our homes has a story.Some are simple and universal: dishes bought on sale at Walmart.Others, less so: an ugly vase, given by... [Read More]
Wood pieces add warmth and texture to any space, and with so many shapes, sizes and finish options, the possibilities are endless.It's easy to let... [Read More]
Dr. Lori Verderame still teaches history. She's just taken her classroom from the college campus to the antique appraisal event circuit.The history professor turned star... [Read More]
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