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The flutes were in the front row for the morning practice, ready to make music and school history, too.The clarinets were next, followed by the... [Read More]
A wheel-chair accessible merry-go-round, a treehouse, a pirate ship, a rock wall and at least four different kinds of slides are among the new play... [Read More]
Merrimack County Sheriff Scott Hilliard resigned Wednesday after facing a month of criticism from some members of the public and Gov. Chris Sununu for remaining... [Read More]
In a follow-up to my post yesterday about proposed laws in New Hampshire keeping firms from selling our cell-phone location data without our permission, comes... [Read More]
Billionaires are the consistent villains in Bernie Sanders's campaign narrative. He rails against what he perceives as the undue influence their wealth wields and how... [Read More]
It was a disappointing day for cats and dogs Wednesday when lawmakers rejected bills aimed at protecting both types of pets.The House voted against bills... [Read More]
Three New Hampshire airports have received a total of $5.7 million in federal grants from the Airport Improvement Program.They are $1.17 million to Lebanon Municipal... [Read More]
The city of Concord has issued a downtown winter parking ban.No on-street parking will be permitted in the downtown area overnight between midnight and 7 .a.m.... [Read More]
The owner of the Capitol Shopping Center on Storrs Street in Concord wants to add an upscale casual dining restaurant and a Starbucks drive-thru in the parking... [Read More]
Do you think it is permissible to yell "fire" in a crowded movie theater in order to create a panic? How about whether it is... [Read More]
Rather than continue to play badminton with Joseph Mendola over Darwin, I'll just point out that courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court in 1987, have... [Read More]
I am writing to support the New Hampshire Board of Nursing's decision to approve the use of the "nurse anesthesiologist" descriptor for use by certified... [Read More]
In looking over issues that the governor supports and bills that he vetoed, patterns emerge and questions arise.What kind of governor makes one of his... [Read More]
We just wrapped up a two-ring circus and we can now look forward to a three-ring circus later this year, like after Election Day, if... [Read More]
I am excited to announce my run for the Pembroke School Board. I will be an effective voice for balancing the demands of a high-quality... [Read More]
I can't explain in detail how a cell phone works. That doesn't mean it was divinely created. That's essentially the argument creationist Michael Behe makes:... [Read More]
You know there's a serious breakdown in state government when you see these three alarming news stories in the same Sunday Monitor: "Police: Youth violence... [Read More]
With 10 sophomores and two freshmen on the roster, the Concord High boys' hockey team needed some veteran leadership to reach its potential this season.... [Read More]
If you thought this winter has been less snowy than years past, you'd be right – and wrong.Before Tuesday's snowstorm, about 35 inches of snow... [Read More]
Three times, Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut has tried to get a committee of lawmakers to accept the first phase of a five-year $46 million grant to... [Read More]
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