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ALLENSTOWNChecklist supervisorto host session■Allenstown's Supervisor of the Checklist will hold a public session on June 15 at 6 p.m. at the Allenstown Town Hall... [Read More]
Shared summer reunion■The July City Council meeting has been changed to July 12 th at 6:30. Visit franklinnh.org to access the agenda and a zoom... [Read More]
ANDOVER Coffeehouse show■Georgia-based singer/songwriter and troubadour Adam Klein is the featured performer for the Andover Community Coffeehouse on Friday at 7 p.m. via Zoom. His... [Read More]
BOW Summer of music ■Bow Rotary will be hosting three summer concerts at the Bow Town Gazebo this summer starting on Sunday June 27... [Read More]
PENACOOK Congrats Class of 2021■Congratulations to the Merrimack Valley High School Class of 2021! ■The Penacook Community Market opened on June 7 at 88... [Read More]
The New Hampshire State House will reopen to the public Monday after being closed for nearly 15 months during the coronavirus pandemic.With the governor's state... [Read More]
I never tire of watching the aerial acrobatics of swallows as they swoop over fields, darting back and forth to snap up flying insects. With... [Read More]
Concord High School senior Niyanta Nepal was initially hesitant to get involved in student activities because she knew whatever started, she would commit 100% and... [Read More]
The Concord softball team didn't seem nervous before Saturday's Division I championship against Salem, but the first few innings told a different story."They've been a... [Read More]
During Saturday's graduation ceremonies at John Stark Regional High, certain boys were all wearing the same thing beneath their gowns – Stark baseball jerseys.After they got their... [Read More]
For years, late spring has been known as the silly season – a time when serious people take to the beach, the mountains or some... [Read More]
The people have spoken, or at least a subset of them have, and the Tracker will keep on trackin' for the time being.Last week we... [Read More]
Izabella Carley listed off of all things she would have missed if she hadn't attended Kearsarge Regional High School."I never would have met my best... [Read More]
The COVID-19 pandemic shone a light on just how important it is that all Granite Staters have meaningful access to quality health care. Key to... [Read More]
Today, nothing happens by chance. It's always someone's fault. Even illness is now seen as a personal failure. We blame the victim, saying it is... [Read More]
As a child, I lived in many places with many different cultures, yet all in one country — the United States. We walked to school together,... [Read More]
Recently, Sen. Rand Paul has been confronting and challenging the integrity of Dr. Anthony Fauci. What I find interesting is that they're both MDs. Dr.... [Read More]
There seems to be widespread consensus that the U.S. Congress needs to pass an infrastructure bill for the health of our nation. Unfortunately, it appears... [Read More]
Jonathan Baird's clear and concise condemnation of the senate's vote on an independent January 6 commission hits the nail on the head (Monitor, 6/7). Trumpublicans... [Read More]
Dogs who have recently received flea and/or tick treatments and dogs wearing flea and tick collars present a danger to the waters in which they... [Read More]
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