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Volume 26, Number 20--Wednesday, January 20, 2021... [Read More]
The new president could take executive action on many of the largest problems within the United States, right away, on his own.  ... [Read More]
Donald Trump has left the White House. We look back at his tumultuous four years in the Oval Office, judging the worst, and not so... [Read More]
The State Department was meant to be a counterpart to the U.S. War Department, writes Caitlin Johnstone. Instead it wound up as a cheering squad... [Read More]
Volume 26, Number 19--Tuesday, January 19, 2021... [Read More]
The U.S. has filed an appeal in London against a British judge's decision to block Julian Assange's extradition on health grounds. The United... [Read More]
The two Pulitzer-prize winning journalists discuss what to expect from Joe Biden and the role of the Democratic Party in pressuring social media companies to... [Read More]
The editor-in-chief has sent a message to the 45th president. Dear President Trump, You are right in many ways that the news... [Read More]
Matt Motta says high refusal rates in the U.S. could jeopardize population immunity. If too many Americans refuse to take the COVID-19... [Read More]
From Sputnik V incentives in Russia to Brexit braggadocio in Great Britain, Covid-19 vaccination brings out distinctive national politics.  International Politics... [Read More]
UN special rapporteurs sign a statement decrying the attack but also calling on U.S. authorities to ensure "responses are consistent with international human rights standards."The... [Read More]
Fevered reporting about efforts to abduct and even kill members of Congress and the vice president are without foundation, the Justice Department admitted, after prosecutors... [Read More]
The U.S. empire is ugly and creepy. That's why so much effort goes into keeping the public from looking at it directly, writes Caitlin Johnstone.... [Read More]
Volume 26, Number 16--Saturday, January 16, 2021... [Read More]
Watch CN Live!'s simulcast on Sunday of the First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee's production of Nils Melzer & Ray McGovern discussing the Julian Assange case... [Read More]
The organizers of the Trump rally on Jan. 6 had no permit for a march to the Capitol and tried to warn the White House... [Read More]
Consortium News just celebrated its 25th anniversary as the oldest, independent news site on the Web. Today and tomorrow are the last chances to help... [Read More]
Volume 26, Number 15--Friday, January 15, 2021... [Read More]
Chris Hedges and CN Editor Joe Lauria discuss Judge Vanessa Baraitser's decisions to both block WikiLeaks' publisher Julian Assange's extradition to the United States and... [Read More]
William J. Astore says that in America's collective stockade of the mind, activism for peace is an aberration, while acceptance of the war state is... [Read More]
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