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Cornell researchers have demonstrated a technique for writing, erasing and rewriting microscopic magnetic patterns – think the world's tiniest Etch A Sketch – that could advance... [Read More]
Professor Gautam Ahuja discusses the prerequisites a firm needs to promote innovation and life as a professor and scholar. [Read More]
Congratulations, Class of 2020 graduates! Here are some words of praise from faculty and staff at the School of Hotel Administration. [Read More]
New research from Hening Lin, professor of chemistry and chemical biology in the College of Arts and Sciences, finds that a protein called TiPARP acts as... [Read More]
Example of "Phishing" Email. [recipient], You missed a call, see pinned Vm_recording. Оrgаnіzаtіоn: Cornell.edu Τhіѕ еmаіl wаѕ ѕеnt tо [recipient]@cornell.edu. [Read More]
Cornell's Ithaca campus is making preparations to resume one of the core aspects of the university's mission: research. The university has been cleared by New... [Read More]
Anthropology faculty member awarded Wilson Fellowship... [Read More]
President Martha E. Pollack issued a statement May 29 addressing the recent killing of George Floyd and several African Americans before him. She said Cornell... [Read More]
Weill Cornell Medicine's digital commencement ceremony was held May 28, celebrating 390 graduates in the Class of 2020. [Read More]
Congratulations, Class of 2020 graduates! Here are some words of praise from faculty and staff at the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management. [Read More]
May 25 Expert perspectives from Cornell SC Johnson College of Business faculty on COVID-19 impact on business, hospitality, and the economy. [Read More]
Professor David Just has been awarded a grant from Cornell's Atkinson Center to examine food bank interest and use in the age of COVID-19. [Read More]
The Confluence migration team would like to follow up on our previous update to let you know it is proceeding to the next step in... [Read More]
In 13 homes across the country last week, ILR School seniors received letters they wrote to their future selves nearly four years ago as students... [Read More]
Culminating four years of rigorous military training, five Cornell seniors became officers in the U.S. Navy, and one in the U.S. Marine Corps, in virtual... [Read More]
Virtual events at Cornell include a panel on COVID-19's medical and socio-economic impacts in Africa; a play and live Q&A marking the Southeast Asia Program's 70th anniversary; student... [Read More]
Students in an innovative class this spring made their homes not only classrooms, but also studio and laboratory spaces as they imagined and created unique... [Read More]
whether th... [Read More]
Cornell's Virtual Reunion will be a celebration for all classes this year, with more than 80 events bringing Cornellians together from around the world. [Read More]
The Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine is asking for human volunteers for a study into undiagnosed exposures to SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, in the... [Read More]
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