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John Krasinski is setting the record straight.  A week after announcing the sale of his feel-good web series "Some Good News" to... [Read More]
John Krasinski isn't staying... [Read More]
He originally only planned to make the show during the quarantine. [Read More]
The creator of the feel good news program may have a bit part in the future of the program, but will not be the face... [Read More]
The streaming wars are heating up, as John Krasinski's 'Some Good News' signs on with CBS, 'Hamilton' heads to Disney Plus, and more. [Read More]
John Krasinski has spoken out against the social media complaints regarding his decision to sell the popular YouTube show Some Good News to ViacomCBS. Speaking... [Read More]
John Krasinski getting ready to do more Jack Ryan is "some good news" for Krasinski and fans. [Read More]
In case you missed the "good" news last week, Some Good News, the feel-good, hope-inspiring YouTube show John Krasinski put together in his home office to lift people's... [Read More]
The creator of the feel-good web series said he never meant for the show to become a long-term thing and needed a partner to carry... [Read More]
The actor and host received some criticism after the deal for his free YouTube series was announced. [Read More]
John Krasinski didn't "sell out," he says. He just sold a TV show concept to a billion-dollar company. [Read More]
"I would love to keep doing the show from my office forever," Krasinski explained. "It just wasn't sustainable." [Read More]
John Krasinski revealed exactly why he sold his quarantine YouTube series, "Some Good News," to ViacomCBS. [Read More]
Krasinski told Rainn Wilson that given his upcoming workload, he felt he had only two options for Some Good News. [Read More]
His free weekly YouTube series 'just wasn't sustainable'... [Read More]
The big news for "Some Good News" was seen as bad news by many fans: John Krasinski sold his low-budget YouTube series to CBS. ... [Read More]
Don't worry—it seems Krasinski will stay involved in some capacity. [Read More]
John Krasinski posted the first episode of Some Good News on March 29, probably completely unaware that it would take off the way it did.... [Read More]
The two 'Office' stars recalled a moment with Steve Carell, who predicted the show's massive success early on. [Read More]
After selling "Some Good News" to CBS, John Krasinski told fellow "Office" alum Rainn Wilson that he'll still be involved in the show, sometimes even... [Read More]
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