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Who cares if Trump's DOJ has already declined to prosecute Andrew McCabe? Lindsey Graham promises more endless hearings to appeal to his very specific audience... [Read More]
Sen. Lindsey Graham promises Fox viewers that he plans to haul Andrew McCabe and James Comey in front of his committee over FISA warrants issued... [Read More]
Georgette Gomez made headlines as the first queer latina elected to the San Diego City Council and 2 years ago, she was unanimously elected president... [Read More]
Sloths and Ferrets and Puppies oh my! [Read More]
Breathing new and energetic life into a well known musical form. [Read More]
Mike Pence advisor Marc Short with the most pathetic excuse ever on why Trump would be justified if he decides to pardon Roger Stone. [Read More]
Fox's Chris Wallace grills Pence aide Marc Short on whether Trump may pardon Stone because he protected him during the Mueller investigation. [Read More]
There is nothing more godly than wishing churches that espouse different views than yours to die. [Read More]
Fox regular Pastor Robert Jeffress: "There are some churches that deserve to die. Liberal churches that are changing God's message to fit the culture, those... [Read More]
MSNBC's Joy Reid reminds Tom Steyer adviser Jimmy Williams that we don't know who young people will or will not vote for in this presidential... [Read More]
The AMJoy host wants to remind all the punditry class that Bernie Sanders' popularity with Millennials and GenZers has everything to do with the opportunities... [Read More]
Dave Ayres, 42, was called in for emergency duty when both Hurricane goalies got injured. [Read More]
"Time" magazine editor Anand Giridharadas criticized MSNBC host Chris Matthews over the weekend for his alleged bias against Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. [Read More]
It seems Trump NSA, Robert O'Brien, would prefer keeping his job over telling the truth about who Russia would prefer win the 2020 presidential election. [Read More]
Trump National Security Advisor Robert O'Brien tells ABC's George Stephanopoulos that he hasn't seen any of the intelligence on Russia helping his boss in the... [Read More]
When your lies are so obvious even Fox "news" calls you out for them. [Read More]
It is rare for a Supreme Court Justice to speak out against her fellow justices, but Justice . Sonia Sotomayor did just that. [Read More]
Conservative religious pundits on Fox News recoiled in outrage on Sunday after a left-leaning guest suggested that Jesus Christ was "more of a socialist" than... [Read More]
CNN reports that there are fears in the intelligence community that Shelby Pierson, the person in charge of evaluating intelligence regarding election security with the... [Read More]
CNN's Victor Blackwell and Lynn Sweet discuss the latest reporting from CNN that the Trump administration may continue to purge intelligence officials who are not... [Read More]
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