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After watching "Stranger Things," I got to thinking about the other sci-fi shows I've watched on Netflix, and here are the ones that come to mind! [Read More]
Unless we are actively engaged in actions to stop state-sanctioned violence, we are all Karens. We are all Amy Coopers. We are all Carolyn Bryant... [Read More]
The song's subject matter, combined with Oberst's monotone delivery, creates a sense of claustrophobia and despair. [Read More]
"Kate Nash: Underestimate the Girl," directed by Amy Goldstein, paints Nash as nothing other than an ordinary girl with a love for music. [Read More]
While Platt is commonly associated with the theatrics that come with being a Broadway performer, this final recorded concert highlights his individuality away from the... [Read More]
My first day on birth control marked the first day of my yearlong celibacy. I didn't seek out abstinence, or desire it. But my body... [Read More]
It was all too easy for me to develop this problem because my father modeled a distorted vision of what constitutes a balanced work schedule. [Read More]
While many governments are moving to relax physical distancing measures, the American health care system may be hit with a greater COVID-19 burden than originally... [Read More]
Signing four runners from a top running school like Great Oak is a recruiting win for Cal, and one that doesn't happen every year. [Read More]
When we started our mutual aid program, we were inundated with hundreds of requests from students seeking help with their basic costs of survival. [Read More]
While waxing poetic about Austin Powers, Pera describes a town with only green stoplights — "fun to imagine, but in real life, fatal." [Read More]
The unintended consequence of securing safety for players and employees was that those fighting to get back to work had to be confronted once again... [Read More]
UC lecturers expressed concern over loss of health care amid the COVID-19 pandemic during a University Council-American Federation of Teachers press conference Monday. [Read More]
Individuals living in Allston and Stadium Place apartments have experienced significant increases in their utility bills this past year. [Read More]
The number of COVID-19 cases in the city of Berkeley, which is expected to increase, is 95 with one death as of press time. [Read More]
Black families from Berkeley Unified School District and district administration discussed academic support and engagement for African American students Tuesday. [Read More]
Alameda County Sheriff Gregory Ahern implemented a county-wide curfew from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. until June 5. [Read More]
Candidates running for local office can begin collecting signatures to offset filing fees, but COVID-19 has disrupted parts of the electoral process. [Read More]
Refreshing and nutritious, frozen Greek yogurt bars are easy to make and completely customizable. If you're looking for a simple way to cool down your... [Read More]
As the Bay Area reopens in the wake of COVID-19, BART will implement new cleaning regimens to ensure patron safety, in accordance with a 15-step... [Read More]
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