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Eric Metaxas exhorted Christians to be "serious" and to understand why they believe what they do, during a Tuesday episode of "Tucker Carlson Tonight." [Read More]
In an exclusive interview, the fugitive aspiring president spoke with the Daily Caller from the Exumas in the Bahamas. [Read More]
A CNN political reporter criticized Sen. Kamala Harris on Tuesday for repeatedly deflecting questions on policy during her town hall on the network the day... [Read More]
Joan Walsh snapped at Trump 2020 advisory council member Rob Astorino during a heated segment of "Out Front" on CNN Tuesday. [Read More]
Happy Birthday! [Read More]
Gorgeous... [Read More]
' is at odds with its own rules'... [Read More]
Who should they take? [Read More]
One of the best shows on TV... [Read More]
Rush Limbaugh revealed on Tuesday that he and President Trump discussed the infamous "golden showers" claim from the Steele dossier over golf. [Read More]
Former FBI Director James Comey donated $2,700 to Democratic Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar's presidential campaign. [Read More]
Northern Irish police arrested a New IRA "volunteer" Tuesday on terrorism charges after the IRA splinter group admitted she killed a journalist on April 18. [Read More]
'Severe stress and hardship'... [Read More]
'Murderers, Rapists, Child Molesters'... [Read More]
'Police can be black, white, Puerto Rican — it's just a police issue'... [Read More]
'Increased attacks on French churches has been mostly ignored'... [Read More]
If we abandon conservative values and turn to government as the solution to perceived slights, what are we left standing for? [Read More]
Hillary Clinton claimed that the DOJ guidelines against indicting a sitting president is the only reason Trump has not been indicted for obstruction. [Read More]
A considerable number are suspected to have been involved... [Read More]
'When you're convicted of a crime and your incarcerated … you lose certain rights'... [Read More]
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