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A police officer demonstrated how a seasoned cop should know the difference between a pistol and a Taser in a viral TikTok video. [Read More]
A TikTok showing a mother removing all her son's toys from his room because he refused to clean has viewers split. [Read More]
Hans Kristian Gaarder, who touted conspiracies about the coronavirus online, has died of the virus, according to multiple reports. [Read More]
A video posted online shows a child getting dragged under a Peloton Tread+. People reacted by calling it 'terrifying' and 'disturbing.'... [Read More]
A traffic cop threatened to give a driver a second ticket for 'being a smartass' after pulling him over for allegedly speeding. [Read More]
The neighbor pleads with the woman in the relationship to dump her boyfriend, describing slamming doors, stomping feet, and 'whiny' yelling. [Read More]
A tutorial on how to make a makeshift toilet for homeless citizens is sparking debate about the inhumane treatment of the unhoused in the United... [Read More]
A woman in upstate New York called a TikToker the N-word after he called her out for ramming a Walmart shopping cart into someone else's... [Read More]
A woman is reportedly being hailed as a hero by people online after she beat her boss, who is accused of sexually harassing her, with... [Read More]
A TikToker went viral for claiming she divorced husband after noticing a sketchy detail in a Facebook photo posted of him. [Read More]
A woman was allegedly fatally shot by a man in an attack witnessed by her boyfriend, who then attempted to take justice into his own... [Read More]
An October 2020 video from President Joe Biden has resurfaced thanks to an embarassing gaffe and weird hand gestures to go with it. [Read More]
The product was funded on a German 'Shark Tank'-style show. [Read More]
A video showing an Australian mom calling out what she says are sexist shirts in the girls' section of Kmart has gone viral on TikTok. [Read More]
In a new series of videos, TikTok star Kylie Strickland discussed her abusive relationship, explaining she used humor on TikTok to cope. [Read More]
Police officers from across the country donated to a GiveSendGo fundraisers for Myles Cosgrove, the police officer who shot Breonna Taylor... [Read More]
Is Tramp Stamps a real band? And is Dr. Luke involved? [Read More]
The family of Matthew Zadok William dispute DeKalb County Police's assertion that he 'lunged at officers with a knife.'... [Read More]
In this week's internet culture newsletter, we disucss the rise of Deuxmoi and other gossip channels during the pandemic. [Read More]
She deactivated her account at the end of March. [Read More]
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