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BORIS JOHNSON has faced growing pressure to resign as Prime Minister recently, but were he to step down, who are the likely contenders to replace... [Read More]
BORIS JOHNSON has been urged to overrule his Chancellor and cut VAT as the cost of living crisis bites, despite a rise in wages. [Read More]
BORIS JOHNSON has been urged to use the billions of savings cut from the Government's overseas aid budget to tackle the ongoing cost of living... [Read More]
SIR GEOFFREY CLIFTON-BROWN has told British people that the country must revert its attention to "really big" problems like energy bills and climbing living costs... [Read More]
A FURIOUS Conservative Party aide allegedly told Boris Johnson's chief of staff she "wouldn't p*** on you if you were on fire" amid the Number... [Read More]
DOMINIC RAAB dismissed David Davis' opinion that another "agonising" year lies in store for the Conservative Party if Boris Johnson isn't ousted, declaring that the... [Read More]
FORMER minister David Davis revealed the "final trigger" that made him turn on Prime Minister Boris Johnson and call for his resignation in the House... [Read More]
DENIS MacShane said it is Boris Johnson's "modus operandi" to "bully" MPs after Nusrat Ghani claimed she was made redundant because of her Muslim background. [Read More]
BORIS JOHNSON is continuing to face huge pressure with a Tory backbench rebellion lurking in the wings - but is there anyone else better for... [Read More]
KEN Livingstone said he does not think Boris Johnson is still the "real deal" as he picked up on the fact that the Conservative Party... [Read More]
GORDON Brown forecast Boris Johnson's tenure as Prime Minister of the UK will not end in "anything other than scandal" as the Conservatives are plagued... [Read More]
BORIS JOHNSON has been warned by a Scottish MSP of the possibility of Labour winning the next general election as Downing Street parties continue to... [Read More]
A TORY civil war appears to be underway as six leadership hopefuls are reportedly lining up to muscle Liz Truss out of the way if... [Read More]
NORMAN BAKER described Boris Johnson as a "dead man walking" whose exit is inescapable as he anxiously awaits the outcome of Sue Gray's reports after... [Read More]
PRESSURE was last night mounting on Boris Johnson to ditch plans to sack unvaccinated NHS staff, as a poll revealed more than half the public... [Read More]
DANIEL Hannan has picked out members of the civil service undermining Boris Johnson, urging the Prime Minister to bring in a "Lord Frost-like figure" to... [Read More]
JACINDA ARDERN has cancelled her wedding as the country continues to curb a new wave of Omicron cases, leading Twitter users to draw damning parallels... [Read More]
REMAINERS have been mocked for suggesting that the end of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister would mean the end of Brexit. [Read More]
TORY MPs have been warned that they risk undoing Brexit and putting the country in perpetual lockdowns if they try to oust "Conservative hero" Boris... [Read More]
PRESSURE was last night mounting on Boris Johnson to ditch "reckless" plans to sack unvaccinated NHS staff as a poll revealed more than half the... [Read More]
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