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FRANCE and the European Union have come under brutal attack over the latest Brexit threats directed at Britain as the row over fishing licenses threatens... [Read More]
THE European Union's proposals for changes to the Northern Ireland Protocol "don't cut it", an ex-MEP has warned. [Read More]
THE UK has ruled out the possibility of rejoining the European Union's (EU) Galileo project, Express.co.uk can exclusively reveal. [Read More]
LEO Varadkar is partly to blame for the European Union's increasingly fractious relationship with the UK, an ex-Irish diplomat has claimed - because of the... [Read More]
THE EUROPEAN UNION Labour Commissioner has blamed Brexit for the "idiotic" restrictions on labour markets. [Read More]
LBC caller Sally from Sevenoaks said she feels she is "grieving" for Brexit as she branded Britain's departure from the European Union an act of... [Read More]
NICOLA STURGEON'S plot to rejoin the European Union was reinforced today when she called for unity between Scotland and the Arctic nations. [Read More]
THE EUROPEAN UNION has caved under pressure from Russia, as plans are being drafted to spread the extortionate cost of imported gas among member states. [Read More]
JOE BIDEN will travel to the UK early next month to attend COP26 after Brexit Britain secured a huge deal breakthrough with the European Union. [Read More]
THE EUROPEAN UNION (EU) has been shamed in an annual climate change report that found its actions have been "insufficient," while the UK remains "the... [Read More]
EU Ambassador to the UK João Vale de Almeida hit out at BBC's Emily Maitlis after she suggested the European Union had made "concessions" in... [Read More]
GREG WISE branded the Brexit debate "petty and childish" just a few months after his wife Emma Thompson had launched a passionate defence of the... [Read More]
THE EUROPEAN UNION's future is nothing but bleak according to a Brexiteer who blames it all on Macron's latest speech. [Read More]
THE EUROPEAN UNION's ambassador to the UK has told BBC Newsnight that Northern Ireland must remain in the jurisdiction of the European Courts of Justice... [Read More]
ARLENE FOSTER demanded the European Union respect Northern Ireland and move forward to solve the protocol crisis as she demanded the protocol is scrapped and... [Read More]
THE EUROPEAN UNION are solely to blame if the UK is forced to trigger the Article 16, according to European Research Group chair Mark Francois,... [Read More]
EUROPEAN UNION bosses are on the brink of a major division over the Brexit concessions granted to the UK Government, according to a Brussel insider. [Read More]
THE EUROPEAN UNION has revealed its four-pronged approach to resolving the ongoing heated issue of the Northern Ireland Protocol and ending the bitter stand-off with... [Read More]
GERMANS have launched a blistering attack against the UK after claiming the explosive Article 16 row with the European Union is to "distract from its... [Read More]
DOMINIC CUMMINGS has reemerged with a scathing account of Boris Johnson's conduct prior to leaving the European Union. But what are the former advisor's qualifications? [Read More]
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