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THE EUROPEAN UNION was under threat after a political commentator warned Sweden's "mourning" for the UK over Brexit "could quickly morph" into the country's own... [Read More]
THOUSANDS joined protests in Barcelona this week in fresh anger at the closure of a huge Nissan car factory in the city, as the carmaker... [Read More]
A EUROPEAN COMMISSIONER has claimed the European Union's vaccine programme has been a "success" despite the trading bloc experiencing a number of delays during their... [Read More]
BREXIT BRITAIN and Boris Johnson have received a massive boost after an African finance chief cheered the UK's departure from the European Union and hinted... [Read More]
THE European Union has come under furious attack from Britons after expats faced major residency headaches throughout the bloc following Brexit. [Read More]
BRITSH nationals living in the European Union have launched a challenge over the "illegal" removal of their rights after Brexit. [Read More]
BREXIT BRITAIN has dismantled Project Fear doom-mongers after official figures showed the UK's exports to the European Union have nearly already recovered after plunging by... [Read More]
THE EUROPEAN UNION could endure an "economic long-Covid", which could strike the likes of Italy and Greece, an expert told Express.co.uk. [Read More]
THE European Union has suffered a humiliating legal defeat after Amazon won its fight against an order to pay around €250 million (£215 million) in... [Read More]
THE European Union has released new growth figures that show the UK economy is expected to bounce back quickly by growing by five percent this... [Read More]
GEORGE EUSTICE praised Britons for doing "the right thing" and getting out of the bloc in a spectacular dismissal of the European Union after Michel... [Read More]
A THINKTANK warned Italy is "one to watch" as the pandemic's devastation and lack of action from the European Union are fuelling anti-EU sentiments in... [Read More]
EUROPHILES across the Brussels bloc are calling for a standardised "European History Textbook" on the creation of the European Union to be taught in all... [Read More]
GERMANY is facing a new nightmare after being warned inflation could jump to above three percent in a new blow to the European Union's biggest... [Read More]
MICHEL BARNIER has demanded a "3 to 5 years" increase on border checks across the European Union to have member states rediscuss the state of... [Read More]
FRANCE's former Ambassador to the UK has defended scaremongering from Remainers over Brexit, telling LBC leaving the European Union "has no advantages." [Read More]
BRITONS have lashed out at the European Union after the UK Government signalled it was prepared to scrap the Northern Ireland Protocol to protect peace... [Read More]
IRELAND has turned the screw on the UK and European Union to find a solution to the ongoing Brexit row in Belfast. [Read More]
THE European Union has "closed the door" on the UK over future post-Brexit negotiations, it has been claimed, following crunch talks on plant, food safety,... [Read More]
BREXITEER Sir John Redwood has attacked Remainers for their ongoing refusal to accept the UK's decision to quit the European Union - and urged them... [Read More]
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