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ITALY has called for the European Union to follow Britain's strategy to prioritise delivering first doses of coronavirus vaccines. [Read More]
ANGELA MERKEL's ally David McAllister said he feels Scotland is already a new independent member of the European Union, in a boost to Nicola Sturgeon's... [Read More]
THE EUROPEAN UNION's future is by no means certain according to those living in EU countries, as a poll suggested most in the bloc believe... [Read More]
BRITONS have urged Germany to leave the European Union after a German newspaper hailed the UK's vaccine success as it shamed Chancellor Angela Merkel. [Read More]
THE European Union's freedom of movement principle is failing bigger member states like France at the expense of workers across the bloc, Frexit campaigner Charles-Henri... [Read More]
THE EUROPEAN UNION was given a warning shot by Austria before Brexit, claiming if the UK left it would herald the "slow goodbye of the... [Read More]
NICOLA STURGEON's decision to parade the European Union flag on Scottish public buildings could spark a "cultural war" in Scotland according to George Galloway. [Read More]
BORIS JOHNSON has masterminded a clever loophole to get around yet another set of infuriating rules from the European Union as both sides continue their... [Read More]
THE European Union will not outperform its vaccination targets, according to a senior EU diplomat. [Read More]
BRITISH holidaymakers face being banned from the continent this summer because of the European Union's bungled vaccine scheme. [Read More]
SIR PATRICK STUART branded Brexit the "grimmest thing" and a "disgrace" after Britons voted to leave the European Union (EU). [Read More]
BREXIT will cost the European Union an eye-watering £60billion over the course of the next two years, a startling new analysis has indicated. [Read More]
HUNGARIAN leader Viktor Orban has accused the European Union of deliberately agitating Britain and driving it to vote for Brexit. [Read More]
EUROPEAN Union bosses have been accused of "making things up" in the ongoing Brexit trade row as Environment Secretary George Eustice declares Brussels "are wrong"... [Read More]
BRITAIN has reluctantly agreed to delay the full implementation of the Brexit trade deal to give the European Union more time to complete its own... [Read More]
BORIS JOHNSON's Brexit team has been slammed as "amateurs" for letting Michel Barnier and the European Union "pull the wool over their eyes" during trade... [Read More]
ANGELA MERKEL was among the leading reasons why the European Union's vaccine has been delayed, a political expert has claimed. [Read More]
BRITONS have furiously hit out at the European Union as the row over shellfish escalates. [Read More]
FURIOUS British fishermen have lambasted Boris Johnson's Brexit deal with the European Union as a hammer blow to the UK's fishing industry. [Read More]
THE EUROPEAN Union's Foreign Affairs Minister Josep Borrell is facing more calls to step down after his "disastrous" trip to Russia to repair relations culminated... [Read More]
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