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JOE BIDEN is not likely to concede if he loses the US Presidential election on November 3 to Donald Trump, a polling expert has claimed. [Read More]
MICHAEL PORTILLO said there can be no real winner in the US election, as he hit out at both Joe Biden and Donald Trump ahead... [Read More]
DONALD TRUMP seemed blunted in his debate with Joe Biden yesterday, as he grappled with the issues opposite former Vice President on-stage for the second... [Read More]
BERNIE SANDERS supporters will say they have been "betrayed" by Joe Biden the "day he gets into power" if the former Vice President wins the... [Read More]
JOE BIDEN has been warned of a potential stumbling block in the run-up to the US election with less than two weeks of the campaign... [Read More]
THE last presidential debate of 2020 has finished, and now all that remains is for Americans to head to the polls on November 3. [Read More]
JOE BIDEN's victory in the US presidential election may not be as secure as the polls are making it out to be, according to an... [Read More]
ANGELA MERKEL's long-term "game plan" for Germany and Europe may need adjustment even if Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden wins the US election, unearthed reports... [Read More]
IVANKA TRUMP and Melania stepped out last night at the last presidential debate last night between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. The women were looking... [Read More]
DONALD TRUMP and Joe Biden clashed in a final on-air debate yesterday, just 12 days before the US election on November 3. Who won the... [Read More]
JOE BIDEN called Kim Jong-un a "thug" and compared him to Adolf Hitler in a brutal swipe at Donald Trump's ongoing relationship with North Korea. [Read More]
DONALD TRUMP has claimed Joe Biden has accepted millions from Russia in a tense moment in tonight's presidential debate. [Read More]
SOCIAL MEDIA has erupted with discussion about Joe Biden's 'phony' facial expressions during his final presidential debate versus Donald Trump. [Read More]
POLITICS in the US has become "more aggressive" than it has been in years as the microphones of Donald Trump and Joe Biden are due... [Read More]
DONALD TRUMP has been advised to "restrain himself" from interrupting Joe Biden during this evening's election debate, by a former Presidential debate coach. [Read More]
JOE BIDEN, 77, is the Democratic party candidate currently running for President in the United States. He has earned a huge sum of money during... [Read More]
JOE BIDEN has been issued a terrifying civil war threat as US President Donald Trump could use an election lifeline that sparks a "constitutional crisis"... [Read More]
NASA could receive a blow to its future missions if Joe Biden is elected President on November 5, as China sets its sights on "occupying... [Read More]
THE UK has intensified post-Brexit trade talks with the US this week as Boris Johnson seeks to build new trading relationships outside the EU in... [Read More]
JOE BIDEN has a significant polling advantage over US President Donald Trump, even in key battleground states, but an expert has warned that does not... [Read More]
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