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Martin Roberts appeared on BBC News this afternoon to share his thoughts on the cut to stamp duty, the tax paid when people buy a... [Read More]
Discussions with the EU on the Northern Ireland Protocol has been given a six month deadline by British officials. [Read More]
Thirteen people died in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, on January 30, 1972 - known as "Bloody Sunday". [Read More]
Prime Minister Liz Truss discussed the Northern Ireland Protocol with 46th US President Joe Biden during their first one-on-one meeting at a United Nations summit... [Read More]
The US President wants to uphold the Good Friday Agreement and said he plans to speak "in some detail" with the Prime Minister about the... [Read More]
Liz Truss has dismissed immediate trade talks with the US, which has been heavily critical of the UK's stance on the Northern Ireland Protocol. [Read More]
Liz Truss remains pessimistic about the prospects of a UK/US trade deal - but untangling the Northern Ireland dispute would make it easier. [Read More]
John Redwood has spoken of the importance of unity and protecting peace in Northern Ireland ahead of a crucial meeting between Liz Truss and Joe... [Read More]
The Prime Minister faces the prospect of a fresh crisis as peers raise concerns over her attempt to resolve Britain's row with the EU over... [Read More]
The United Nations summit will thrust newly appointed Prime Minister Liz Truss into the limelight as she prepares to discuss trade, climate change, the war... [Read More]
Liz Truss has put a trade deal with the United States on the back burner to stop it being used against Britain during wrangling over... [Read More]
Liz Truss will be on track to cancelling the Brexit deal if she moves ahead with the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill, former negotiator Michel Barnier... [Read More]
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