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THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY's thrilling season two finale sets up a new mysterious adversary for the team. Some observant fans have already spotted the key clues... [Read More]
THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY shook things up in the second season for an exciting time travel adventure. Unfortunately, some drastic changes to Luther have been distracting... [Read More]
UMBRELLA ACADEMY season 2 has just arrived on Netflix and viewers were introduced to a unique character called Harlan. Will Harlan cause the next apocalypse? [Read More]
THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY has returned for another thrilling season. This time, the team travels back to the 1960s to try and stop yet another apocalypse,... [Read More]
THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY is back and better than ever for a riveting second season on Netflix. Most fans weren't expecting the surprising return of Kate... [Read More]
THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY's riveting second season hit Netflix over the weekend, and fans are already wondering when the series will return. One of the show's... [Read More]
THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY is back with a brand new season. But much like the first series, there are plenty of questions which have been left... [Read More]
UMBRELLA ACADEMY season 2 introduced the new character of Lila. But what happened to her at the end? [Read More]
UMBRELLA ACADEMY season 2 was recently released on Netflix. But what exactly happened at the end of the series? [Read More]
THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY is finally back with its season 2. Many fans have already binge-watched the series and now have questions about the ending. [Read More]
UMBRELLA ACADEMY fans were left excited by the appearance of some new major enemies at the end of season 2. But, just who are the... [Read More]
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