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I'm Special Agent   DJ Justice , Radio Host and Managing Partner for   Netroots Radio   and I'm manning the dials, ... [Read More]
I've come to realize that I basically have three Top Comments diaries: the video clip parade, the rant, and the "I watched something interesting on... [Read More]
The Republican Party is dead. We need to bury it. If we fail, its undead corpse will kill us all. The Republican Party has a... [Read More]
As new cases of COVID-19 cases continue to skyrocket across the countries, many cities and states are beginning to roll back re-opening plans and re-issue... [Read More]
We must never think this is over. Not until Joe Biden is declared president-elect and the Democrats have secured majorities in both the Senate and... [Read More]
Probably the most under-reported story of recent months was Antifa's transformation from a loose collection of twenty-somethings into an invisible network of sheer menace and... [Read More]
NB: this piece was difficult to write for a couple of reasons, one being that it is really hard to put feelings and emotional experiences... [Read More]
You have destroyed the Republican Machine. Think back, if you will, four years, and imagine a Clinton presidency. In a country where Congress is solidly... [Read More]
I have a huge crush on Carol Kane. From her roles in Taxi to the Unbrealable Kimmy Schmidt to Scrooged, and the Princess Bride I... [Read More]
The cartoon tells the necessary story. The murder of George Floyd is clearly the inspiration. But none of us can breath as long as this... [Read More]
. Josiah Wedgewood was a founding member of the Society for the Abolotion of the Slave Trade. He was also a designer of pottery. As... [Read More]
"How do those signs on the lawn that read "Keep off the grass" get there?" [Read More]
Trump's plague ship of state runs aground on the sand bar of the DNC platform committee because intra-party division may yet disrupt party solidarity. A... [Read More]
Were you just curious about seeing the public comments made during the public scoping period for the controversial Delta Tunnel to divert water from the... [Read More]
From Huffington Post :... [Read More]
Why hire expensive Ad Agencies to write your copy when your opponent is kind enough to provide you with all you'll ever need to expose... [Read More]
I like this :... [Read More]
This isn't easy to write, but it needs to be heard. Our oldest daughter's husband has two children from prior relationships, in addition to our... [Read More]
Uniontown, Pennsylvania resident and father of three Daylan McLee, 31, has like many brothers and sisters of color, good reasons to not trust the police.... [Read More]
Doctor Jane Appleby, Chief Medical Officer of Methodist Healthcare, announced a 30 year old Texas man died from the coronavirus that he got from attending... [Read More]
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