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I've not seen this posted on DailyKos as high profile, but it deserves consideration. A rich, highly-positioned, man of power, finally gets his due. Some... [Read More]
Senator Klobuchar looked the most Presidential of all the candidates on stage Tuesday night. She told people to go to the CDC's website for information... [Read More]
It's on to South Carolina, with Democrats debating in the state as its primary comes up this Saturday, February 29. Debating tonight, in reverse alphabetical... [Read More]
This just popped up on my Washington Post feed, and while I was inclined to pass it by given how little I care for Joe... [Read More]
If the lost word is lost, if the spent word is spent If the unheard, unspoken Word is unspoken, unheard; Still is the unspoken word,... [Read More]
She was no longer hidden. RIP Katherine G. Johnson. Commentary by Black Kos Editor Denise Oliver-Velez I never thought I would live to see the... [Read More]
After Allentown, Pennsylvania, resident John Perez was acquitted of resisting arrest and disorderly conduct on Feb. 21, Lehigh County Judge Maria L. Dantos ripped the... [Read More]
The way our broken healthcare and insurance system deters testing for infectious diseases shows how vulnerable we will be to COVID-19 and other pandemics: After... [Read More]
WIth Or Without A Paddle... Yes, we are up a creek tonight. Why? Because so many critters find themselves afloat, or in the drink, whether... [Read More]
Racist barriers to good jobs are bad. Racist barriers to other things are also bad, like, for example, racist barriers to orchestral readings for composers.... [Read More]
So this was just like four years ago, but a friendly reminder that "Democrat" Bloomberg funded Republican Senator Toomey's re-election to the tune of $12,000,000... [Read More]
I know here at Daily Kos this is me preaching to a very large, very dedicated choir, but the number one way we have to... [Read More]
Author's Note: With the single exception of perhaps James Baldwin, no 20th or 21st century short story teller, essayist, or novelist has better and more... [Read More]
Donald J. Trump has a problem. His current grotesquely unqualified partisan jackass pick for "acting" Director of National Intelligence, tweet-troll Richard Grenell, cannot remain in... [Read More]
How long have plants looked like plants? How long have they been multicellular and, you know, plantish, with different cell types, branching, and an upright... [Read More]
After facing swift rebuke and calls to resign, MSNBC's Chris Matthews opened the Monday segment of Hardball with an apology to Sen. Bernie Sanders. The... [Read More]
Third publication. Almost exactly a year since the last time, which was almost exactly a year since the first time. Sigh. I should just publish... [Read More]
Democrats, working to expand the 2020 presidential map for Democratic candidates, on Tuesday rolled out a new list of targeted states, and there are some... [Read More]
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting that the primary fight between appointed Georgia Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler and newly infamous Donald Trump ally Rep. Doug Collins,... [Read More]
Winner: Joe Biden Perhaps his best debate to date, he was comfortable in an audience in a state that clearly loves Joe. The fact that... [Read More]
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