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Wisconsin further cemented Joe Biden's victory Sunday in the battleground state in two county recounts that furthered his lead over President Donald Trump by 87... [Read More]
Milwaukee County finishes recount of votes and announces 'found no instances of fraud, 'with President-elect Joe Biden leading over President Donald Trump. [Read More]
Donald Trump, in a rambling interview Sunday morning, accused his FBI and Department of Justices of conspiring to 'rig' the election for Joe Biden. [Read More]
President Donald Trump discusses the election process and lawsuits with Maria Bartiromo on Fox News show 'Sunday Morning Futures.'... [Read More]
President Donald Trump is finally breaking his silence on the election by joining Fox News's Maria Bartiromo on Sunday morning for his first interview since... [Read More]
Two Donald Trump supporters got into a car wreck after third car veered into one of the supporters in Hermosa Beach, California. [Read More]
JON SOPEL:When Donald Trump flew to meet Kim Jung Un for their historic meeting in June, 2018, the one thing I'm told the president obsessed... [Read More]
Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to introduce laws to stop Twitter from censoring his tweets or attaching 'health warnings' after witnessing what happened to Donald... [Read More]
Melania Trump is reportedly considering writing a memoir about her time in the White House and the president is said to be encouraging her, after her... [Read More]
Donald Trump is said to be considering holding an event during the president-elect's inauguration to announce his 2024 run and has boasted that he thinks... [Read More]
The top U.S. cybersecurity official fired by Republican President Donald Trump for saying the Nov. 3 election... [Read More]
CNN White House Correspondent Kaitlan Collins challenged Donald Trump's false claims on election fraud. [Read More]
Donald Trump's pardon on Wednesday of his former national security adviser Michael Flynn kicked off speculation that a string of pardons could be next -... [Read More]
Social media users went into overdrive posting hilarious memes about Trump's desk choice for Thursday's question-and-answer session with the press. [Read More]
Day by day, Donald Trump's presidency and power is being diminished. And the longer he goes on squealing about a 'rigged and fraudulent' election the... [Read More]
Tiger King star Carole Baskin doesn't think pardoning her rival, Joe Exotic, would be a 'good move' for outgoing U.S. President Donald Trump. [Read More]
Donald Trump declined to say if he will attend the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden while speaking with reporters at the White House. [Read More]
Donald Trump talks with US military service personnel across the world on Thanksgiving day. [Read More]
'I hate this f****** hole!' Donald Trump let rip after a bad golf shot at the Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia. [Read More]
President Donald Trump said Joe Biden can only enter the White House if he can prove his votes are not 'fraudulent' - a step back... [Read More]
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