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Oxford-born Emmy Tayler, 45, worked for Maxwell in the early 2000s is considered a possible key witness by New York prosecutors who have charged Maxwell. [Read More]
One of Jeffrey Epstein's sex slaves has claimed she was introduced to his alleged 'madam', British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, by a Hollywood 'guru to the... [Read More]
Chauntae Davies was 21 and a trainee massage therapist when her 'mentor', Gypsy Gita, took her to the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills to... [Read More]
Ghislaine Maxwell's former friend Christopher Mason said she stopped in her tracks and said 'oh my god' when she saw Paris Hilton at a party.... [Read More]
The Duke of York's obsession with Virginia Roberts's (pictured together with Ghislaine Maxwell in London in 2001) toes made her 'burst out laughing'. [Read More]
Christopher Mason, friend of Ghislaine Maxwell, claims she had him write a creepy poem about Jeffrey Epstein's '24-hour erection' for the pedophile's 40th birthday party. [Read More]
Ghislaine Maxwell asked friend Christopher Mason to write a creepy poem about a '24-hour erections' and 'schoolgirl crush' for Jeffrey Epstein's 40th birthday. [Read More]
Jeffrey Epstein's alleged sexual kinks were laid bare in legal filings from a 2015 lawsuit against his accused madam Ghislaine Maxwell, unsealed by a judge... [Read More]
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