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Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Jon Tester of Montana - joined 50 Republicans in voting to overturn President Biden's vaccine mandate for large businesses... [Read More]
Sen. Roger Wicker said Wednesday that President Biden should not 'rule out' military action in Ukraine if Russia invades, including the use of nuclear weapons. [Read More]
Biden administration refused to rule out deploying additional US troops to Eastern Europe should Russian President Putin invade Ukraine and President Biden will threaten sanctions. [Read More]
Joe Biden hosted Kennedy Center Honors honorees for a White House reception Sunday where he joked with audience member and actor Steve Martin about him... [Read More]
U.S President Joe Biden speaks as he hosts the Kennedy Center Honorees Reception in the East Room of the White House. [Read More]
Democratic Senator Joe Manchin is backing a GOP effort to scrap President Biden's vaccine mandate for larger businesses. A vote is expected to take... [Read More]
Democratic Senator Joe Manchin has said he intends to cross the aisle and join his Republican counterparts in a challenge to President Biden's vaccine mandate... [Read More]
President Biden delivered remarks on the November jobs report. Before beginning the report, Biden announced his plan to sign a bill that would fund... [Read More]
President Biden reflects on November jobs report and feels 'America is back to work'. [Read More]
A Democratic campaign group attracted ridicule after it published a graph to thank President Biden for lowering gas prices on Thursday, despite it showing only... [Read More]
Jen Psaki insisted that President Biden was following proper Covid-19 protocols in forging ahead with his public appearances, despite having come down with a cold. [Read More]
President Biden raised concerns Friday morning sounding particularly hoarse as he delivered remarks on November's jobs report, which was less robust than expected. [Read More]
President Biden seemed to misremember his diplomacy record in Israel in the early days of his career, telling a tale about meeting with former Prime... [Read More]
President Biden announces administration's plan to face the Omicron variant the fight against COVID-19. [Read More]
Press Secretary Jen Psaki blames surge of smash-and-grab raids across the nation on COVID and that the President Biden's plans will get more cops 'on... [Read More]
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