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President Joe Biden was revealed to be a man who takes a long time in making a decision, will drop an obscenity when frustrated and... [Read More]
President Joe Biden said on Thursday (May 13) that Colonial Pipeline should be reaching full operational capacity right now and he expects to see fuel... [Read More]
On the Axe Files with David Axelrod, White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki admitted that president Joe Biden takes too many questions, adding that that... [Read More]
President Joe Biden celebrated new guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Thursday (May 13) saying that fully vaccinated people... [Read More]
President Joe Biden welcomes an end to wearing of masks inside and out as a precaution against Covid. [Read More]
President Joe Biden updates the country on the Darkside ransomware attack on Colonial pipeline which has led to gas shortages across the south-eastern US. [Read More]
Former President Trump will hold two rallies in June as he looks to capitalize on a series of crises engulfing President Joe Biden and lay... [Read More]
President Joe Biden says he's 'not supposed to be answering all these questions' when pressed by reporters. [Read More]
A lawsuit has been filed against President Joe Biden's administration for prioritizing restaurants and bars owned by women and minorities in its COVID-19 relief package. [Read More]
A group of more than 120 retired military officers have written President Joe Biden to tell him his election was less than legitimate - while... [Read More]
President Joe Biden condemned the rocket attacks in Gaza, addressed the fuel shortage, and spoke on COVID 19 vaccinations Wednesday (May 12). [Read More]
President Joe Biden told Americans who have their full COVID vaccine to take their masks off and his wife Jill, visiting West Virginia with Jennifer... [Read More]
President Joe Biden said he had spoken tor Benjamin Netanyahu and that he hoped the Israel-Gaza conflict would come to a swift end as he... [Read More]
President Joe Biden jogs in the rain as he departs for Camp David on Marine One helicopter... [Read More]
Republicans are attacking President Joe Biden, calling him 'weak' on Russia after the FBI said DarkSide was responsible for the ransomware attack on a pipeline... [Read More]
President Joe Biden, who comes across as Mr. Congeniality, reportedly has a 'short fuse' with his advisers and is prone to 'flares of impatience' because... [Read More]
US president Joe Biden has confirmed that US intelligence believes the ransomware used against Colonial Pipeline is based in Russia, though cannot confirm if the... [Read More]
President Joe Biden's administration on Monday launched its $350 billion program to distribute aid to state and local governments - with some conditions. [Read More]
US president Joe Biden has announced a COVID aid portal for applications from state and local governments for economic stimulus aid. [Read More]
US president Joe Biden touted the growing strength of the US economy under the American Rescue Plan during the coronavirus pandemic. [Read More]
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