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There is nothing on the internet that is more wholesome and less controversial than Magic Johnson's Twitter feed. Even in this time of pandemic, there's... [Read More]
On one hand, if ever there was a time for pitchers to undergo Tommy John surgery, this is it. Because the abbreviation of this season... [Read More]
Here's a dirty little secret:... [Read More]
The Deadspin Sports Quarantine Nintendo Club so far has featured Ice Hockey and 10-Yard Fight, both resulting in losses to a computer with varying degrees... [Read More]
After ranking the primary logos of all 123 teams in the four major sports leagues in North America (1-40, 41-80, 81-123), it only made sense... [Read More]
The coronavirus doesn't give a fuck. [Read More]
Only five quarterbacks in NFL history have thrown for more than 5,100 yards in a single season. They are: Peyton Manning, Drew Brees (four... [Read More]
It's not a role that anyone in the NBA asked for, but basketball has been front and center in moving the story of the coronavirus... [Read More]
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