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The Trump administration has reportedly had conversations about resuming live nuclear testing. [Read More]
The criteria will be used to whittle down the number of design options as the Future Combat Air System program proceeds through the next stages... [Read More]
The Senate Armed Services Committee will mark up its annual defense policy bill the week of June 8, mostly in closed session, its leaders announced... [Read More]
A study says Southeast Asian countries are cutting defense spending as a result of the economic crisis brought on by the coronavirus outbreak, potentially opening... [Read More]
Travel restrictions and closures related to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic hit CAE's civil training and defense segments. But said the company CEO: "I think we... [Read More]
Ten European Union countries have expressed regret at U.S. plans to withdraw from an international treaty allowing observation flights over more than 30 countries. [Read More]
Day-to-day restrictions on supersonic flight won't stop pilots from pushing the F-35 to the limits in combat, an F-35 test pilot tells Defense News. [Read More]
Congress wants deeper insight into the KC-46 program... [Read More]
The growth in China's defense budget would see spending rise from $167 billion last year to $178.2 billion, an increase of about $11 billion. [Read More]
The Oceana shipyard in southern Brazil could also take on work from other customers in South America, according to the German contractor. [Read More]
The Trump administration has made a final decision to withdraw from the Open Skies Treaty. [Read More]
Early U.S.-Russia talks on a new nuclear arms control agreement have begun, and the two sides have agreed to an in-person dialogue once the coronavirus... [Read More]
The U.S. Senate confirmed a new Navy secretary, Kenneth "K.J." Braithwaite, by voice vote on Thursday. [Read More]
How many American jobs were created by a deal to sell arms to Saudi Arabia? [Read More]
As France slowly emerges from an almost complete industry shutdown, defense company executives are considering their next steps. [Read More]
The Indian Air Force is overhauling its plan to induct 114 medium-weight multirole fighters, with a senior service official saying the aircraft will be built... [Read More]
The Air Force has opened up the final stage of the B-52 engine replacement effort. [Read More]
The Defense Department's top technology expert now believes using airborne, directed-energy weapons for missile defense is unlikely to work, and that it's not worth spending... [Read More]
The U.S. Air Force officially launched a competition for Skyborg contracts on May 15. [Read More]
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