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A man was found dead early Saturday morning after an apparent ATV crash.        ... [Read More]
The twister could be seen southeast of Iowa City just before 7 p.m. Friday.        ... [Read More]
Video captures tornado touching down near Iowa City... [Read More]
Video captures tornado touching down near Iowa City        ... [Read More]
The Glenwood Resource Center is home to about 200 severely disabled Iowans, some of whom are relatively young and can be aggressive.        ... [Read More]
The tornado has weakened and left the area, but it damaged some trees, infrastructure and property on its way out.        ... [Read More]
"We are booked up til next Sunday for sump pumps," one company reported. "We've have a tremendous amount of sump pump calls," another said.... [Read More]
Who's the fastest Iowa State football player? Is it Kene Nwangwu or Landen Akers? Re-al Mitchell, Tarique Milton or Darien Porter? It'd be a heck... [Read More]
The court clarified the method by which Iowans can argue that their jury pools do not adequately represent the racial makeup of their communities.      ... [Read More]
The 34-year-old man was found guilty of domestic abuse, child endangerment, willlful injury causing serious injury and animal torture Wednesday.        ... [Read More]
Iowa Behavioral Health Association simply could not support the elevated levels of the psychoactive ingredient THC that the Legislature proposed.        ... [Read More]
Des Moines Arts Festival announced Karin Wagner Coron as the 2019 featured artist        ... [Read More]
Gov. Kim Reynolds has vetoed a bill that would have expanded Iowa's medical marijuana program. It would have upped the potency of products.       ... [Read More]
Iowa's senior senator farms 750 acres of corn and soybeans with his son and grandson in northeast Iowa.        ... [Read More]
2020 democratic presidential hopeful Kirsten Gillibrand talks about her Family Bill of Rights' platform        ... [Read More]
Y-Camp began in 1919 as just a row of tents along the Des Moines River. Now it's more modern, but still smart device free.      ... [Read More]
Thomas L. Knapp argues that American consumers are paying the price for a trade war being fought to protect corporate interests.        ... [Read More]
Gas prices have been increasing in Iowa and nationwide since after Christmas, but the surge may have peaked, analysts say        ... [Read More]
The officer was taken to a hospital with minor injuries to his neck, and the suspect also sustained minor injuries.        ... [Read More]
All five of Grandma's sons left the farm at Minburn, where they lived during the war, to serve in the Navy or Army air force.... [Read More]