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The suspect was taken into custody "as he stumbled up the rocky shoreline" after driving off a cliff and into the Pacific Ocean, police say. [Read More]
Both title contenders had seemingly found their groove when the season was halted, but they'll have to quickly find it again in Orlando. [Read More]
The Miami police director ordered an investigation on Wednesday night after a video on social media showed an officer punching a woman at the airport. [Read More]
An Australian court on Thursday rejected a newspaper publisher's appeal against Oscar-winning actor Geoffrey Rush's $2 million payout for defamation. [Read More]
GLAAD President Sarah Kate Ellis told USA TODAY that "using the birth name implies that the trans person's actual lived identity is somehow not real." [Read More]
IBM opened the Dubuque center in 2009. It employed 1,300 by September 2011, but that number has regularly declined since, to its current 344 employees. [Read More]
A group of top Iowa lawmakers met Wednesday by phone in the first test of a new election law limiting the secretary of state's emergency... [Read More]
During a Black Lives Matter protest to demand Gov. Kim Reynolds restore felons voting rights, some were arrested at the State Capitol on Wednesday. [Read More]
New restaurants across the metro face challenges following months of COVID-19 restrictions. [Read More]
BLM protesters had been calling for Gov. Kim Reynolds to sign an executive order restoring felons' right to vote before several brawls broke out with... [Read More]
Des Moines police officers are seen shoving and pepper spraying non-violent protesters at the Iowa Capitol in order to get them to disperse. [Read More]
Altercations broke out between police and protesters as protesters called for Gov. Kim Reynolds to sign an executive order restoring felons' right to vote. [Read More]
In the first half of the year there have been several area businesses that have opened only to have that opening be overshadowed by a... [Read More]
Traveling can increase your risk of getting sick, or of passing the coronavirus to others. [Read More]
Blacks make up about 4% of Iowa's 3.2 million residents, but they accounted for 24% of those who had force used against them by officers... [Read More]
Airline travel has increased since April, when the Des Moines airport saw just 5% of its normal traffic. [Read More]
After Black Lives Matter protesters were arrested at the State Capitol on Wednesday, a crowd stood outside of the Polk County Jail demonstrating for their... [Read More]
The game developers at Naughty Dog made its Sony PlayStation 4 new game "The Last of Us Part II,' accessible for blind or low-vision players. [Read More]
This baby doing the bottle flip challenge will blow your mind. [Read More]
Lakers GM Rob Pelinka said Dwight Howard had yet to inform the team on if he will play when the NBA season restarts in Orlando. [Read More]
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