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Aksys Games Anime Expo 2022: Aksys Games reveals seven new games it will localized in 2023 at Anime Expo in Los Angeles. [Read More]
This week's Arcade Archives release is Namco's 1986 sci-fi shooter Thunder Ceptor, now available to download on PS4 and Nintendo Switch. [Read More]
On tonight's Twitch stream, Anabela is cracking into Dark Souls II after a hiatus. Have you ever heard someone call this game comfy? It is! [Read More]
I've been fascinated with speedrunning for a while, but I recently realized I watch it like my dad watches sports. [Read More]
Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can now play the Sega Genesis games Comix Zone, Mega Man: The Wily Wars, Target Earth, and Zero Wing. [Read More]
Disco Elysium has a lot of words, and now it'll be easier to read for those who have dyslexia with a new update from ZA/UM. [Read More]
Much like the base game, Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course has a secret alternate phase for one of the DLC bosses. Here's how to see... [Read More]
Sucker Punch Productions affirms that it's not working on any new inFAMOUS or Sly Cooper games at the moment. [Read More]
So I missed the Sonic 2 angry Tails poster, and I especially missed that the Japanese version had a more lighthearted happier one. [Read More]
If you wanted a quick recap of the Nintendo Direct Mini announcements, we already gave you one! But life is often a visual medium. [Read More]
Bandai Namco announced that it has partnered with Japanese studio Ilca to form new division Bandai Namco Aces. [Read More]
The Pokemon Sword and Shield wild area is changing in a little over a week, as The Pokemon Company has announced a new event. [Read More]
A Kingdom Hearts Cloud mod that brings the KH aesthetic into Final Fantasy VII Remake is something I always needed: and only just got. [Read More]
Brace Yourself Games has pushed a massive 3.0 update for Crypt of the Necrodancer, its first in years, with a ton of requested features. [Read More]
Yurukill review: Does combining intense bullet hell gameplay with escape room drama add up to an enjoyable experience? [Read More]
Remember multiplayer that sometimes shut down mere months after launch? Well, this EA single player games tweet brings me back to all that... [Read More]
Bethesda Softworks released a new trailer for Redfall, looking at the monster-ridden city and its team of heroic protagonists. [Read More]
God of War Ragnarok producer Cory Barlog has blasted the community for its increased abuse to SOny Santa Monica employees. [Read More]
Blizzard recently made an acquisition. Now we have a bit more info as to what that World of Warcraft Proletariat configuration actually means. [Read More]
This Pokemon Cafe drink looks absolutely delicious, and it's heading to the storefront in Japan on Saturday, July 16. [Read More]
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