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Sharon Stone spills the tea on smooching with Robert DeNiro, Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz never fight, and find out which NFL player threw a... [Read More]
Jessica Alba gets rattled! During a photoshoot, the actress encountered a snake. Tune in to see her reaction and how Heidi and Sherri both have... [Read More]
The NFL star and recent Super Bowl champ asked his longtime love Brittany Matthews to marry him. [Read More]
With everything going on in the world right now, we all know this is an important election year and November 3rd will be here soon!... [Read More]
Our girl Da Brat opens up about playing one-on-one with NBA legend . She opened up about dating the 76ers star during an episode of... [Read More]
Lorraine Bracco shows us what it's like to renovate a home she bought for only one euro. The HGTV show is called 'My Big Italian... [Read More]
The Duchess of Sussex gets dialing! Meghan Markle and Gloria Steinem are cold calling Americans to encourage voting. Tune in to see if the hosts... [Read More]
Rapper Tory Lanez has finally broken his silence since Megan Thee Stallion accused him of shooting her in the feet on July 12th. After Tory... [Read More]
The Masked Singer" busted Busta Rhymes right out of the competition! The husky-voiced rapper was the first singer sent home after performing LL Cool J's... [Read More]
Tiffany Haddish spends a lot of time at Common's house and the reason why might shock you, America Ferrera gets an offensive audition request, and... [Read More]
Don't expect the Brandy and Thea feud to end any time soon. Comedian Thea Vidale had previously called Brandy "disrespectful" on the set of her... [Read More]
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson isn't on the fence about staying on schedule! The actor had to knock down his own front gate after a power... [Read More]
Metallica faces backlash for continuing to sell their Blackened American Whiskey brand amidst frontman James Hetfiled's struggle with addiction. Bandmate Kirk Hammett defends the decision... [Read More]
It's that time of the year again. Time Magazine has released its Time 100 List of 2020's Most Influential People. There were eight covers selected... [Read More]
Brandy claps back at former co-star Thea Vidale, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson brings 'Hercules' to his house and Jessica Alba finds out there's a snake... [Read More]
Six months after Breonna Taylor was killed in her apartment during a botched narcotics raid, a Kentucky grand jury has indicted one of the three... [Read More]
Sharon Stone is sixty-two and smoking. The actress recently complained that people continue to see her as a sex symbol and they even still want... [Read More]
Michael Jordan trades in the shot clock for a checkered flag! The NBA legend is racing into NASCAR alongside Denny Hamlin and their first driver... [Read More]
Samuel L. Jackson is here to tell you to get the *bleep* out there and vote! The actor promised fans that he'd teach them how... [Read More]
Vanessa Bryant—widow of the late Kobe Bryant—is not here for her mother's "beyond hurtful" claims of their strained relationship. After her mother, Sofia Laine, said... [Read More]
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