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On Tuesday, Howard County Executive Calvin Ball marked the start of Hispanic Heritage Month by announcing a new Latina workgroup and the recognition of Indigenous... [Read More]
Indigenous Peoples Day - Wildfire skies - Halloween plans - MD 295 crash - Rabid cat. [Read More]
Self-guided tours of scenes that inspired work by local artists started Labor Day weekend and will continue until Indigenous Peoples' Day, giving participants the opportunity... [Read More]
Failure to protect the land rights of indigenous peoples around the world is accelerating a devastating loss of biodiversity that risks causing future pandemics, new... [Read More]
They are (in no particular order): A. Rodeos  B.  Indigenous Peoples of the Plains, especially the Blackfoot tribe, and C.  Bison. With respect to rodeos,... [Read More]
Howard County Executive Calvin Ball announced Tuesday the county will no longer celebrate Columbus Day and instead will change the name of the holiday in... [Read More]
Howard County is joining a growing list of communities replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples' Day. [Read More]
Will the so-called progress of civilization eventually destroy us? Indigenous Peoples, hundreds of years ago, did not devastate nature the way we do today. Oceans... [Read More]
Two weeks ago, activists in Montreal toppled a statue of Canada's first prime minister John A Macdonald who in the 19th century enacted cultural genocide... [Read More]
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