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Junior became a football star. But for all of his achievements, he always looked up to his uncle Doris. [Read More]
It is sometimes said that intelligence failures are often failures of assessment rather than collection. This is especially so when the intelligence is unwelcome or... [Read More]
Only weeks after Japan's sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, four stalwart destroyers demonstrated that there was still plenty of fight left in the U.S. Navy. [Read More]
In response to Richard Wolfe's assertion ("Letter: Wag the dog in full color," Jan. 8) that President Trump is solely responsible for the killing of... [Read More]
Miller heroically fought back against the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor. [Read More]
The U.S. Navy is honoring a World War II hero by naming a new aircraft carrier for Mess Attendant 2nd Class Doris "Dorie" Miller. [Read More]
Many Americans became heroes on Dec. 7, 1941, during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. One of them, a Navy mess attendant, had been told... [Read More]
HONOLULU — The U.S. Navy is expected to honor a World War II hero when a new aircraft carrier is named for Mess Attendant 2nd... [Read More]
Doris Miller, a mess attendant aboard the battleship USS West Virginia, will be the first African-American to have a carrier named after him. [Read More]
The US Navy will name a new aircraft carrier after Doris "Dorie" Miller, a decorated African American World War II veteran who defended Pearl Harbor... [Read More]
At a ceremony in Pearl Harbor on Martin Luther King Day, the U.S. Navy achieved a new milestone by naming a future aircraft carrier after... [Read More]
A new aircraft carrier will be named after a Texas-born hero of the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. ... [Read More]
The U.S. Navy is expected to honor a World War II hero when a new aircraft carrier is named for Mess Attendant 2nd Class Doris Miller. ... [Read More]
You've heard the roll call of American aircraft carriers: Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Kennedy, almost all of them named for American presidents. For th…... [Read More]
History was made on Monday as the latest aircraft carrier was named after Pearl Harbor hero and Waco Native, Doris Miller. [Read More]
The United States' newest aircraft carrier isn't named after a president this time but after Waco native and World War II hero Doris Miller, the... [Read More]
The U.S. Navy named an aircraft carrier after an African American for the first time on Monday, honoring World War II hero Doris Miller. [Read More]
The Navy's decision to name a future Ford Class aircraft carrier after a black sailor who was decorated for heroism following the 1941 attack on... [Read More]
Doris 'Dorie' Miller fought bravely at Pearl Harbor, defending his ship and saving lives, but the Navy still hasn't seen fit to award him the... [Read More]
A Texas native with ties to West Virginia is being honored by the United States Navy. Dorie Miller served on the U.S.S. West Virginia during... [Read More]
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