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Guess it's time to root for Cincy in the CFP. Assuming they get in as the 4 seed, they'll likely face Bama. A true Davy... [Read More]
I'm Lenny Bruce tonight and somehow College football is where I'm at. I switched from watching my cat play with a broken ornament for an hour... [Read More]
Naaaah, just kidding. Sorry. Couldn't resist. Feel free to nuke this into oblivion. Closing. But one can still nuke it into the -10. [Read More]
With Michigan punching its ticket to the College Football Playoff, Ohio State is in line to finish its season by playing Utah in the Rose... [Read More]
Current Open Jobs: Oklahoma  (Lincoln Riley) FIU (Butch Davis) Duke (David Cutcliffe) Louisiana (Billy Napier) Fresno State (Kalen Deboer) Temple (Rod Carey) Colorado State (Steve... [Read More]
Bill Napier, Florida's new coach, just signed a deal that's more that is nearly Day's current salary at OSU. I know some people weirdly don't... [Read More]
After watching the games today I have to say I miss our dominant LBs. We have had some great LBs in the past and I... [Read More]
I wonder if the mods could answer a question for me. I have only used the "downvote" option six times (and all were years ago).... [Read More]
I think this may be my first or second forum post, so I'm sure I'm f'n something up, but for years now, there is a... [Read More]
During the BCS, I would get really into Ohio State's big time bowl games whether it was the Rose against Oregon or Sugar against Arkansas.... [Read More]
After watching what Bama just did against "One of the best defenses this decade" I am on the Derek Mason train to bring him to... [Read More]
Go any team playing TTUN. [Read More]
OSU loses to #5 Michigan by 15 @UM in cold/snow UGA loses to #3 Bama by 17 @neutral site in a dome OSU got drilled... [Read More]
Added to title. [Read More]
Some excitement thus far. Scores at the moment: Alabama 24 vs. Georgia 17 (CBS) Houston 13 vs. Cincinnati 14 (ABC) Utah State 29 vs. San... [Read More]
The way he is playing against that Georgia defense is impressive. CJ will finish second, at least he should and Brah Zole can shut up... [Read More]
The Ohio State club football team won its second straight national championship Saturday with a 42-27 win over George Mason. [Read More]
Fighting Fickell's try to secure a playoff berth. Georgia tries to slay Saban and the Tide. Alabama vs. Georgia (CBS) Houston vs. Cincinnati (ABC) Utah... [Read More]
On Massey's ratings, he has 9 of the top 16 teams in the country (actually think about that. Actually think about it) here in conference.... [Read More]
Ohio State safety/linebacker Craig Young has entered the transfer portal after three seasons with the Buckeyes. [Read More]
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