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Lindsey Graham offered a sneak peek on Friday. [Read More]
The Navarro cheerleaders open up about their newfound fame, coming back to the team, and what comes next. [Read More]
Trump could have just fired Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, but he got Rudy Giuliani's bagmen involved instead. [Read More]
And our predictions about how the Academy will get it all wrong. [Read More]
Adam Schiff made sure the president*'s enablers in Congress felt the heat of history in his closing remarks. [Read More]
Use these to protect your face from sun damage all year. [Read More]
Donald Trump will never prioritize the national interest over his own. [Read More]
The series used the feminist scholar from ancient Egypt to make a sly comment about what kind of person is morally good. [Read More]
The Cannabis Cafe is history-making. And boy is it a West Hollywood kind of trip. [Read More]
Even young stars like Joni Ernst and Tim Scott and James Lankford can't see beyond Mitch McConnell's smokescreen. [Read More]
The beloved author explained how his forthcoming books will differ from the HBO show. [Read More]
Will it make a difference? Doesn't seem likely. But here it is. [Read More]
These images allegedly come from the Skywalker finale that Colin Trevorrow wanted to make. [Read More]
Embarrassed, that is, to be White House lackeys. The Democratic House managers exposed them as such on Thursday. [Read More]
Patrick Stewart returns to the beloved sci-fi franchise in a series that abandons the utopian view of Starfleet to critique the real-world politics of Trump. [Read More]
'Irresistible' will reunite Stewart and Steve Carell in a political comedy about a Midwest election. [Read More]
Nothing goes better with TurboTax and Doritos like... an election year? [Read More]
Sarah Barnett, jefa de AMC, reconoce que la irrupción de un personaje tan radical y violento asustó a parte del público. [Read More]
The House manager asked members of Congress to have the courage to do their jobs—and do right by posterity. [Read More]
The United States of America in 2020. [Read More]
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