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Researchers discovered consuming low-calorie sweeteners like aspartame and stevia while pregnant increased body fat in their offspring and disrupted their gut microbiota. [Read More]
People who eat or drink more foods with the antioxidant flavonol, which is found in nearly all fruits and vegetables as well as tea, may... [Read More]
Consumers want what they want, and they want it now. Drone delivery has long been talked about as an option to satisfy consumer delivery demands,... [Read More]
Some golf carts and lawnmowers have airless tires, but we still have long way to go before they are on every vehicle that comes off... [Read More]
Our researchers here at the National Institute of Standards and Technology have discovered that a used cigarette butt - even one that is cold to... [Read More]
A team of scientists has observed, for the first time, the presence of warm water at a vital point underneath a glacier in Antarctica --... [Read More]
Around the world, each person eats an average of 70 pounds of corn each year, with even more grown for animal feed and biofuel. And... [Read More]
Tiny meteorites no larger than grains of sand hold new clues about the atmosphere on ancient Earth, according to scientists. [Read More]
Among those with higher genetic knowledge, at-home ancestry tests may decrease beliefs in racial essentialism -- the idea that race is purely genetic and determines... [Read More]
A new study has revealed how the gut's protective mechanisms ramp up significantly with food intake, and at times of the day when mealtimes are... [Read More]
The Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation has published their findings from extensive coral reef surveys conducted in the Kingdom of Tonga. Released today, the... [Read More]
In honor of the work of Bill Ogren and his research directly linking photosynthesis and photorespiration via one enzyme, the Carl R. Woese Institute for... [Read More]
The study reveals a detailed epigenetic mechanism for how interleukin-1-beta, a common cytokine that helps fight infections during inflammation, plays a critical role in cancer... [Read More]
Most nuclear data measurements are performed at accelerators large enough to occupy a geologic formation a kilometer wide. But a portable device that can reveal... [Read More]
NASA scientists using virtual reality technology are redefining our understanding about how our galaxy works. [Read More]
Freshly burned longleaf pine forests have more than double the total number of bees and bee species than similar forests that have not burned in... [Read More]
When someone has an acute stroke, access to specialized care may be dependent on traffic conditions that most adversely affect socioeconomically disadvantaged neighborhoods. [Read More]
Discrimination may cause black and Hispanic patients to wait longer for a scheduled primary care appointment, according to a new Tulane University study published in... [Read More]
A Dartmouth-led study finds that two common economic interventions in Afghanistan designed to improve economic livelihoods and win the ''hearts of minds'' of civilians was... [Read More]
Taking a cue from birds and insects, Brown University researchers have come up with a new wing design for small drones that helps them fly... [Read More]
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