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The CABI BioProtection Portal -- the ground-breaking online bioprotection resource, available on four continents -- has strengthened its ability to promote the worldwide adoption of... [Read More]
If an initial COVID-19 vaccine is about as effective as a flu shot, uptake by the American public may fall far short of the 70%... [Read More]
The discovery of the cause of a rare liver disease in babies led to uncovering a novel cellular mechanism for disposing of misfolded proteins that... [Read More]
and it's related to the body's own hyperactive immune response. The findings were published in October in the Journal of Dental Research. [Read More]
Weather forecasters can more accurately predict when a tornado is likely to hit the UK thanks to a new tool devised in a partnership between... [Read More]
A team of geologists at the University of Houston College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics believes they have found the lost plate known as Resurrection... [Read More]
A microRNA that can be found in a blood sample may make it easier to detect gastric cancer and could lead to improved treatment for... [Read More]
Temple University Hospital has treated the first patient in a multicenter international clinical trial utilizing the RejuvenAir® System for the treatment of patients suffering from... [Read More]
Researchers at Mount Sinai have proposed a groundbreaking new way to study the interaction between complex biological systems in the body and the environment. Their... [Read More]
Researchers at the George Washington University are working to better understand the role that sex hormones and antiandrogens could play in current and future approaches... [Read More]
During the first wave of COVID-19, which paralyzed the world in spring, it was initially thought that effective hand washing and 2-meter social distancing would... [Read More]
The paper reveals that Maxwell's equations can have hidden symmetries induced by the fractional periodicity of the material tensor components and paves the way to... [Read More]
Ideas, theories, experiments, and unanswered questions in particle physics, explained (with anecdotes) for the general reader. [Read More]
New Nature Medicine study highlights potential global hesitancy to accept a COVID-19 vaccine. Based on data collected with the previously validated COVID-SCORE survey of a... [Read More]
Decades-old data is being used to describe the propagation of tiny droplets. Now a fluid dynamics team has developed new models: Masks and distancing are... [Read More]
A University of Houston researcher is developing a new ultrafast 3D imaging system to assess the cornea's elastic properties. The new technology could potentially be... [Read More]
Researchers at the University of Cincinnati have identified new clues into ways tobacco use impacts patients with kidney cancer. [Read More]
Intranasal administration of an anti-inflammatory drug helped reduce disease progression in a preclinical model of multiple sclerosis, according to recent research out of the University... [Read More]
A cutting-edge technique that allows scientists to zoom into tiny details in a 3D image of a whole animal heart may lead to new insights... [Read More]
A study in JAMA Network Open provides evidence that, even in smokers from vulnerable populations, reducing nicotine content to low levels decreases addictiveness - a... [Read More]
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