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Pacific wrestling teams braved Wednesday's storm to win two of three duals at Windsor. [Read More]
News Quiz #14... [Read More]
The Washington City Council approved two ordinance Tuesday night that wrapped up a multi-year review of its city code. [Read More]
Though "Everybody Says Meow" might appear to be all fun and games, author Constance Lombardo offers an apt message wrapped in hilarity as a perplexed... [Read More]
One event provided enough points for Oakville's girls swim team to edge out the Washington Lady Jays for a win Tuesday. [Read More]
No challengers have filed to hold elected office for the city of Washington. [Read More]
At one time, a girls basketball game between the New Haven Lady Shamrocks and Silex Lady Owls meant quite a bit. [Read More]
"The Wicked Redhead" is a thriller that combines history and romance. It's a follow-up to "The Wicked City," also by Beatriz Williams. [Read More]
The city of Washington has purchased land near its landfill. [Read More]
Over the years, the St. Francis Borgia Regional boys basketball Knights have always struggled at Duchesne. [Read More]
Trump's former national security adviser has become the prime focus in the debate over witnesses in the Senate impeachment trial. [Read More]
Prince Andrew has not responded to interview requests from the  FBI and prosecutors into accused child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, feds say. [Read More]
As Buttigieg continues to receive little support among African American voters in national polling, he's getting more questions in Iowa. [Read More]
The decision to block NPR's State Department reporter from traveling with Pompeo comes after he cursed at host Mary Louise Kelly after an interview. [Read More]
The House impeachment managers said Bolton's reported claims directly contradict key elements of Trump's defense. [Read More]
Sen. Doug Jones said he found the president's counsel did a good job with the case against convicting Trump of obstruction of justice... [Read More]
Lawmakers dodged the question about John Bolton but Sen. Angus King said he expects as many as 10 Senators to vote in favor of allowing witnesses... [Read More]
USA TODAY Washington correspondent, Christal Hayes answers the internet, \... [Read More]
President Donald Trump's legal defense team argued that the president's actions in Ukraine were motivated by a concern for corruption. [Read More]
One campaign's idea of intimidation tactics is another's idea of harmless hijinks. [Read More]
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