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Monday, February 11, 2019 at 04:36 PM
Le accuse di Rocco Casalino e Di Maio ai tecnici del Mef sembrano uscite da "Scandal" e "Yes, Minister": per fortuna certe cose succedono solo... [Read More]
An in-depth study conducted by NASA found that humans are responsible for the increasing wobble detected as Earth spins on its axis. [Read More]
21st century techniques shed new light on burial practices that have been sensationalized for decades. [Read More]
State politicians proposing millionaires' taxes should beware. They prompt out migration that can leave state finances worse off than before, while they also introduce... [Read More]
Episode 2 of Telltale Games' 'The Walking Dead' comes out tomorrow, September 25. It's likely that it will be the final episode of the series... [Read More]
Billions of years from now, dark energy will push the rest of the Universe out of reach forever. This galaxies will be the last to... [Read More]
Play is increasingly being injected back into the office. Here's one way you haven't thought of that will decrease an important statistic plaguing organisations of... [Read More]
Ikea launches their new veggie hot dog in all their stores across the USA tomorrow, after first introducing the plant-based hot dog in European stores... [Read More]
Green Bay's defense ranks near the bottom of most major statistical categories after three weeks. [Read More]
Even in the "new luxury" era of 2018, marble turns out to still be very relevant. [Read More]
Medical geology studies how rocks and minerals impact human health. [Read More]
No PowerPoint. Disagree and commit. Decide at 70 percent. Being slow is expensive. "Speed matters in business," Bezos said. "Plus a high-velocity decision-making environment is... [Read More]
Fortnite is finally teasing the theme of season 6 with a new bit of art released today. [Read More]
Following the release of 'Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition' earlier this year, the game will now get a version for the arcades next year. [Read More]
If you are still planning on using miles for something other than a flight, the two best options are to bid on a unique experience... [Read More]
It's a special ride and if you're spending the coin, nothing else comes close. [Read More]
While serving as Colorado's 41st governor, Bill Ritter had a passion for advancing progressive energy policy, focused on renewables. Since leaving office, he has continued... [Read More]
There is an ongoing debate about the relative importance of soft and hard skills that imply a competition between the two. However, they are both... [Read More]
List makers include Ed Macri, Chief Product and Marketing Officer of Wayfair; Melina Engel, CMO of SimpliSafe; Jackson Jeyanayagam, CMO of Boxed; Jennifer Sey, CMO... [Read More]
The Astros are better with Lance McCullers as part of their pitching staff, but his return from injury as a reliever comes with plenty of... [Read More]