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President Trump is set to sign a bill on Thursday providing millions of dollars in grants for Holocaust education. [Read More]
For a lot of Jewish men of his generation, the parallels between AIDS and the Holocaust were too obvious to deny. [Read More]
We already have a moment on the Jewish calendar dedicated to all-night study, and its structure is far more effective: the Pesach Seder. [Read More]
Writing for Shavuot teaches us to receive inspiration just as Moses received the Torah at Mount Sinai. [Read More]
It was a feeling that she hadn't felt before, an overwhelming sensation that allowed the floral touch of May into her brain to come to... [Read More]
Appetizing store ambiance may be one of coronavirus' casualties, but some things never change. [Read More]
Over the course of hours, Fairway's kosher status went missing and turned up again. [Read More]
Owners of a Borscht Belt resort made famous on the Emmy-winning comedy put it up for sale. [Read More]
"Seig Heil, Heil Hitler, Trump 2020" was written on a traffic utility case across the street from the Shir Tikvah Congregation. [Read More]
Many parents are finding themselves in a far worse financial situation than they have been last year, and day schools often aren't cheap. [Read More]
African-Americans have been affected by the coronavirus and face economic struggles due to the pandemic at disproportionately high rates. [Read More]
"I shouldn't have been on some of those chatroom sites," Doja Cat said. [Read More]
The firebrand playwright ignited bold protests of the government's inaction to the AIDS crisis. [Read More]
Cook along with Forward national editor... [Read More]
"We are all laughing again!! I love that!! The sales have gone through the roof!!! I quit counting!! LOL! (Hurray!! I'm able to pay bills!!!!) [Read More]
"Somebody in San Francisco, go wake him up and tell him he's about to get a lot more followers," Kellyanne Conway said of Yoel Roth. [Read More]
Learning Kabbalah reminded me to be myself, listen within and then go make it all happen. [Read More]
Who is TCM host Ben Mankiewicz? [Read More]
A deep dive into the underrated role of the Jewish dairy restaurant in Jewish history — just in time for Shavuot. [Read More]
People of faith are being marginalized more and more, and their values are now being rebranded as hateful to drive them from the public square. [Read More]
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