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The Nazis presented my relatives with impossible moral choices, writes Jason van Leeuwen. [Read More]
Stereotypes say Orthodox Jews shy away from mental health professionals. The data say otherwise. [Read More]
After eight years of policing in New York City, I am no stranger to the attacks on police officers. [Read More]
When my friends ask me what it's like to be a cop, I typically give them the standard "living the dream" line that most of... [Read More]
The listing and its description of the book online sparked a social media outcry. [Read More]
Ambassador Michael Herzog discussed the role his father and grandfather played during the Holocaust in an interview on International Holocaust Remembrance Day. [Read More]
Hundreds of volunteers choose to perform vital research work at the memorial on the site of the former Nazi death camp. This is what a... [Read More]
Kruger, 46, is the daughter of a Jamaican immigrant mother and her father is the son of Eastern European Jewish immigrants. [Read More]
Germany, long seen as an international model for appropriately reckoning with its Holocaust history, nonetheless currently has at least 162... [Read More]
Yehuda Hadjadj's guilty plea increased the scope of what was long thought of as a lone rabbi's malfeasance. [Read More]
"The best thing you can do for somebody who has experienced a death is to listen." [Read More]
A felon is charged with possession of the firearm used to keep a rabbi and three congregants hostage. [Read More]
Mickey Levy will address the German Bundestag to mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day. [Read More]
Chisinau and two other locales – the Alley of Classics promenade in Stephen the Great Park has a bust to the poet Octavian Goga (1881–1938).... [Read More]
The SPCJ report said that more assaults tended to happen near the victims' homes and involved weapons. [Read More]
Rose Girone ran a knitting shop in Forest Hills for many years, and credits the craft with helping to save her family. [Read More]
Bourla is dedicating his $1 million Genesis Prize award to Holocaust memory initiatives. [Read More]
Hamim or adafina: how to make sephardic sabbath stew... [Read More]
The House of Dior is intertwined with World War II, Nazis and antisemitism. But in a seminal exhibit on the couturier, it escaped mention. Why? [Read More]
There are hundreds of monuments around the world to people who abetted or took part in the murder of Jews and others during the Holocaust. [Read More]
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