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"Our platforms as athletes are a powerful tool, and with them comes immense responsibility. We can all do better." [Read More]
"The rise of white supremacy and neo-fascism in the United States and the world over are among the most important and serious threats we face... [Read More]
Hebrew is a gendered language. Yet Yedid Nefesh has variations across them all when addressing the Divine. [Read More]
As someone who spent over 20 years advocating for women's leadership, I have a keen interest in seeing women gain religious authority. [Read More]
The Forward frequently reported on news and events at Pride of Judea orphanage. [Read More]
A company representative reportedly said the necklace represented the Buddhist swastika. [Read More]
"This guy comes running in, wearing a crazy, what I would say was a pink transgender outfit" Giuliani told Page Six of his encounter with... [Read More]
Cohen was supposed to remain in his home, yet the New York Post last week published a photo of him eating at an Upper East... [Read More]
The Kid who went toe to toe with Stephen Jackson on anti-Semitism... [Read More]
Let's resist the temptation of fighting cancel culture with cancel culture, accept his apology, and resolve to have a national conversation. [Read More]
Jews do not "own all the banks." No, not even the Rothschilds. [Read More]
Stephen Jackson speaks with Rabbi David Wolpe about anti-semitism... [Read More]
"Trump & Tucker is the only way to stop the commie Bolsheviks!" [Read More]
Don't miss Jodi Rudoren's candid conversation with the New Jersey Senator... [Read More]
Dog whistles are detected with ever greater precision when they come from the wrong political party. [Read More]
Archeology suggests an ancient Jewish presence there 3,000 years ago corresponding to the period of the Davidic monarchy. [Read More]
Users viewed the videos 6.5 million times. [Read More]
"I know he said some ugly things but I do see an opportunity to have a conversation." [Read More]
We should be prioritizing additional resources for public education and other vital social programs, not diverting them to private purposes. [Read More]
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