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Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, Tripwire International unleashes its killer shark indie that has some major teeth. [Read More]
Playing as a shark in an underwater story of revenge is hilarious and fun. [Read More]
Join the GI editors as they band together in co-op and take on the evil forces of the Arch-Illager. [Read More]
The system's solid state hard drive is the key. [Read More]
Join the Replay crew as they return to fight what goes bump in the night in this Kojima Productions departure from the series' classic formula. [Read More]
Looking for a way to team up? These excellent board games have you work together as a group to win, or face defeat alone. [Read More]
You can support veterans with new cosmetics. [Read More]
If want to know if this over-the-top adventure is worth revisiting, here are the best and worst aspects we noticed during our time playing the... [Read More]
Let's be friends. [Read More]
We chat with the director of Mortal Kombat 11 about the biggest expansion the series has ever done. [Read More]
The presence of the SUV-sized creatures doesn't have to be a deal-breaker in Obsidian's upcoming survival adventure, thanks to a special arachnophobia mode. [Read More]
The hybrid PVE/PVP experience is live on PC. [Read More]
Heatseeker is back for just one week, but we want it to stick around forever. [Read More]
Want more Borderlands 3? More content hits this June. [Read More]
Naughty Dog talks about its gameplay approach to the many hardships Ellie will face, and some of the ways she can overcome them. [Read More]
We talk to the game's director and delve into a host of details about the upcoming PS4 title. [Read More]
The Witcher actor plays a high elf loremaster, simply called Cavill. [Read More]
You can go Trials of Mana as well! [Read More]
Throw a Fire Flower Mario's way with these new additional packs you can buy for the Super Mario Lego line. [Read More]
OtherSide Entertainment has issued some significant news. [Read More]
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