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That's great, but WTF is sNEWSi?
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis condemned the federal indictment of former President Donald Trump — and used his statement about it to campaign. [Read More]
Joe Biden has yet to be interviewed by the special counsel investigating the stolen classified documents he stored at the Penn Biden Center and in... [Read More]
A new poll from Gallup indicates that the number of Americans who identify as social and economic conservatives is the highest it has been in... [Read More]
On Thursday The Guardian reported that Joe Biden's DOJ attempted to bribe the attorney for Trump valet driver in exchange for testimony against Donald Trump. [Read More]
That was fast. [Read More]
The Trump campaign issued a statement on the indictment of President Trump Thursday night. [Read More]
President Trump on Thursday responded to the federal indictment. [Read More]
Earlier tonight President Donald Trump announced he had been indicted by Joe Biden's DOJ. [Read More]
President Trump was indicted by Biden's Justice Department on Thursday on the classified documents case. [Read More]
Earlier today the House Oversight were finally allowed by the corrupt Biden FBI to view an "unclassified" document proving Joe Biden was taking bribes from... [Read More]
Former President Donald Trump has posted to Social that Joe Biden's Department of Justice has indicted him and he will be arraigned in Miami on... [Read More]
Katie Hobbs vetoed another bill today aimed at protecting minors in schools from radical transgender policies. [Read More]
The GOP Committee on Weaponization on Thursday uncovered new information suggesting the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is targeting Elon Musk's . [Read More]
Tucker Carlson released Episode Two in his Tucker on Series on Thursday night. [Read More]
The northeastern United States was engulfed yesterday with a massive blanket of sme from wildfires burning in Quebec since Tuesday. New York City quickly all... [Read More]
Rep. [Read More]
On Thursday, The Gateway Pundit reported that police arrested a migrant from Syriafor a mass stabbing attack targeting children in a park in Annecy, France. [Read More]
Sometimes conservatives do not have to take part in owning the libs because too often they do it themselves. [Read More]
As if living in Joe Biden's America is not difficult enough with record high inflation, exploding gas prices, political targeting and prosecutions, and a completely... [Read More]
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