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That's great, but WTF is sNEWSi?
Former congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul has always been a watchdog for freedom and liberty in America. He is now speaking out against the... [Read More]
In the early hours of November 4th in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a batch of 143,379 ballots, all for Joe Biden were dropped.  We've unearthed an email... [Read More]
Australia is sending troops to help local police enforce the new Covid lockdown in Sydney. Australia's largest city went into a hard lockdown – again... [Read More]
The Dominion voting machines arrived in Stark County this week into the Board of Elections. The purchase was very controversial considering the attention the Dominion... [Read More]
Maricopa County's Board of Supervisors oversees the election activities for the county. What they allowed to happen in the primaries in the County is shocking.... [Read More]
Pennsylvania Senator Doug Mastriano told One America News this week that he will ask the Pennsylvania Senate's Intergovernmental Operations Committee he chairs to issue subpoenas... [Read More]
Jake Gardner was a Nebraska bar owner and Marine veteran who killed a BLM rioter last year. The circumstances of the shooting seemed to show... [Read More]
Daniel Goodwyn is an American political prisoner. Daniel Goodwyn live-streamed his trek inside the US Capitol on Jan. 6. Police officers that day were waving... [Read More]
The backward somersaults, repeated leaps of faith followed by the forward triple flip has placed the Centers for Disease Control aka CDC on the Gold... [Read More]
On Friday House Democrats released some BS notes from the Trump White House where they claim President Trump sought to pressure the DOJ to overturn... [Read More]
A small business owner in Prairie Grove, Illinois was cited twice and fined $200 by the village for flying American flags outside his restaurant around... [Read More]
President Trump is reportedly holding meetings at his golf club in New Jersey with 'Cabinet Members'. The Washington Examiner reports that President Trump is holding... [Read More]
Wisconsin patriots are calling for a rally at the state capital next Friday from noon to 1:30 pm to demand that the Republican leadership in... [Read More]
Democrat DC Mayor Muriel Bowser was spotted maskless celebrating her upcoming birthday just hours before her new mask mandate went into effect. On Thursday Bowser... [Read More]
After the experience of the near-total breakdown of law and order in Johannesburg and Durban regions this month (GP reported), Afrikaner civil defense groups are... [Read More]
Four Trump supporters were killed at the Jan. 6 protests. ** 35-year-old Veteran Ashli Babbitt was shot in cold blood by Lt. Mike Byrd inside... [Read More]
Here's an amazing new deal from MyPillow.com: Mike Lindell is dropping the price of his "Giza Dream Sheets" by 50% when you use promo code... [Read More]
Not making headlines– A new video posted at Disclose TV reveals the Jan. 6 Trump supporters being fired on by Capitol Hill police before the... [Read More]
Joe Biden appointed angry, Trump-bashing Muslim father Khizr Khan to a religious freedom post recently. Khan is famous for smearing then candidate Donald Trump at... [Read More]
Since the Biden/Obama Administration took over, there have been a number of shortages in products.  What's really going on?    Only a few weeks ago we... [Read More]
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