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Donald Trump Jr. was recently interviewed by Breitbart news and according to him, the MAGA movement is alive and well. He pointed to the recent... [Read More]
Day after Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, President Donald Trump will hold a rally with Representative Mary Miller (R-IL). The 45th president... [Read More]
Liz Cheney has become the left's favorite "Republican" due to her role on the sham Jan 6th committee. They have praised her efforts to go... [Read More]
During a 2016 Presidential debate with Hillary Clinton, then-candidate Donald Trump was asked if he would like to see the Supreme Court overturn Roe v... [Read More]
On February 18, 2017, First Lady Melania Trump led the audience in The Lord's Prayer at a rally in Florida. It was a thank you... [Read More]
On March 4, 2016, only eight months before the general election, Daily Wire editor-in-chief, Ben Shapiro, wrote about why he would never vote for Donald... [Read More]
Today's ruling on Roe v. Wade was a win for the innocent and unborn.  This victory could never have come about without the Presidency of... [Read More]
  Dr. Peter Navarro leaves the court house after being arrested, shackled, and abused by the Biden regime as an example to all patriotic Americans.... [Read More]
Never-Trump Georgia Governor Brian Kemp will testify in the Junk Fulton County investigation of President Donald Trump in July. Kemp will record a statement for... [Read More]
In 2016 Donald Trump won the state of Georgia 50.4% to 45.3%. Republicans won the state in every presidential election since 1992 when Bill Clinton... [Read More]
The Inflation rate was trending down for several months before Donald Trump left office. Former Trump advisor Steve Cortes broke down the Biden-media lies on... [Read More]
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