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Joe Biden on Tuesday traveled to Georgia with only 7 days until Election Day to campaign for Kamala Harris. Everyone knows Kamala Harris is the... [Read More]
On Monday night violent Black Lives Matter goons looted, rioted and attacked police in Philadelphia. The Trump Campaign released a devastating new ad that slams... [Read More]
Judge Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed minutes ago in the US Senate by a vote of 52-48. Not a single Democrat voted for Judge Barrett. ... [Read More]
Why does Kamala Harris cackle every time she speaks? Democrat vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris sat down for an interview with 60 Minutes host Norah... [Read More]
The US Senate voted 51-38 on Sunday to proceed to confirm Amy Coney Barrett on the US Supreme Court. Republican Senators Lisa Murkowski (R-AL) and... [Read More]
Kamala Harris traveled to Detroit, Michigan on Sunday while Joe Biden hid in his basement with 9 days until Election Day. Just look at this... [Read More]
The Biden campaign is not having much success at their campaign rallies. Even Barack Obama couldn't bring in more than 80 people to his rally... [Read More]
Democrat vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris campaigned in Cleveland, Ohio on Saturday as Joe Biden was in Pennsylvania calling Trump supporters "chumps." Kamala Harris was... [Read More]
Kamala Harris campaign is selling "protective" face masks. Except they're not protective.  They won't prevent the transmission of viruses. They're as fake as Joe and... [Read More]
They're panicking. Joe Biden really screwed up last night during the debate when he fell right into President Trump's trap and admitted he will shut... [Read More]
The Bribin' Harris Ticket– An email released to FOX News shows Kamala Harris and several top Democrats were listed as "Key Domestic Contacts" for the... [Read More]
Kamala Harris traveled to Asheville, North Carolina on Wednesday as Joe Biden hid in his Delaware basement with only 13 days to go until Election... [Read More]
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