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It's President Trump's birthday today.   In recognition of his birthday patriots in Arizona just completed their ballot count of 2020 Election results in Maricopa Country. ... [Read More]
78-year-old Joe Biden was nearly 3 hours late to his NATO presser on Monday. The White House gave no explanation for why Joe Biden was... [Read More]
WAR DRUMS! Dementia Joe knocked President Trump and stumbled through his NATO Teleprompter speech today mispronouncing names and launching threats at Putin and Russia. Joe... [Read More]
Dr. Colin Kahl is an unhinged lunatic who pushed the Steele Dossier to damage President Trump. Kahl defended the Obama regime's decision to buy off... [Read More]
The Arizona audit moves on and the Democrats are getting very scared knowing what will be uncovered. On Friday, America's corrupt Attorney General Merrick Garland,... [Read More]
It was an awful day for Joe Biden and the Democrat Party.  It was so bad that now the Democrats might come out and admit... [Read More]
President Trump and any American who followed events in the first months of President Trump's Administration thought that the Democrats were leaking information to the... [Read More]
Biden attacks President Trump during his G7 speech on Sunday.  How disgusting and overly inappropriate. Joe Biden read another speech drafted for him by some... [Read More]
The media is officially American Pravda.  Watching the differences between the US media's coverage between Biden and President Trump is no longer shocking.  It's expected.... [Read More]
On Saturday, President Trump posted a statement to his Telegram account warning patriots of the threats by the Biden DOJ and calling state legislators to... [Read More]
President Trump taught us that it is better to be free and not liked than to be fools who give away the farm to be... [Read More]
As promised, President Trump spoke today at Mike Lindell Rally in Wisconsin. Trump to Headline Mike Lindell Rally In Wisconsin on Saturday A highlight of... [Read More]
President Trump went scorched earth on the fake news-Lying Democrat hacks today in his latest press release. President Trump pointed out that he was "right... [Read More]
The Biden Administration closed a federal division that assisted victims of crimes committed by illegal aliens. The Biden regime said it is closing the office... [Read More]
President Trump is headlining Mike Lindell's "MAGA Frank Rally" today. RSBN will carry the event live and reported: Former President Donald Trump will make a... [Read More]
President Trump reportedly received numerous book deals but passed them up for something more important. President Trump released a statement yesterday giving an indication of... [Read More]
President Trump UNLOADED on the sleezebags in the US intelligence community under Barack Obama including the "two lovers" and other "such lowlifes" in an epic... [Read More]
As the Marxists march for complete control over the American people Kevin McCarthy diddles. After daily attacks on President Trump and his voters, Anti-Trumper Rep.... [Read More]
President Trump called out the US military leaders and Joe Biden for putting the country at maximum risk for believing that Climate Change is America's... [Read More]
We reported in January that Biden was ending President Trump's policy providing for lower prices for insulin to Americans: Beijing Biden Ends President Trump's Policy... [Read More]
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