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Since the Bundesliga's restart, Bayern and Dortmund have looked like the league's two strongest teams, coinciding with their position in the table. The Black and... [Read More]
D.C.'s June 2 primaries ended in confusion as votes are still counted, though disgraced former councilman Jack Evans lost the primary for his former seat. [Read More]
Countless Black lives continue to get taken at the hands of public complacence. Better non-Black allyship is long overdue. [Read More]
The GUSA Senate passed a resolution to support the Black Lives Matter protests and the black students on Georgetown's campus. [Read More]
A petition was sent to university administration urging them to address the challenges the international student body faces during the COVID-19 crisis. [Read More]
Christine Ji uses Buddhism to remedy pandemic grocery shopping and the hoarding phenomenon seen in communities around the country. [Read More]
Read Emma Chuck's review of "Rain On Me" by Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga. This article examines both the music video and the song itself. [Read More]
Georgetown will implement a series of cost-saving measures in response to budget shortages brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. [Read More]
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