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Call of Duty is one of the most successful first-person shooter games ever. The game started as a WW2 shooter, but it has slowly evolved... [Read More]
Then when I VisionPro Glasses on a refund, they told me they had to be returned to China. I checked the price of tracked mail... [Read More]
What's your idea of heaven? For those nonbelievers, this is a hypothetical question (obviously), so what would this idea consist of? I'll start. For m... [Read More]
I've been a fan of the Giant Bomb crew for a long time. Over 20 years by my estimate. Long before the invention of quick... [Read More]
With the new remake of White Day: A Labyrinth Named School being released in English for iOS and Android, as well as the PC sometime... [Read More]
Hey all, as I went for the club edition I thought I'd make use of the custom skins tools (challenging) to make some GB themed... [Read More]
Is possible to get your game aproved within the same day of submision? my game will be streamed today by some streamers but they need... [Read More]
When we talk about media, we throw the term "aesthetic" around like confetti. We might praise the "aesthetics" of a film, say something matches our... [Read More]
Hi, starting today I've noticed that trying to download any video of any quality gives me the error in the title. My subscription status hasn't... [Read More]
For some reason, I'm having an issue downloading videos. When I went to check to see how many requests I made (thinking I may have... [Read More]
For a while I have been thinking in trying to write something, but feeling not very confident at all and was unsure of what. In... [Read More]
the Shopping District is really growing.Giant Vinnythe NEW hyperloopA guardian FarmDMXGoomba's BIG ARTThe Taswell MonumentCanada Day Celebration!July... [Read More]
Former Giant Bomb superstar and GIF celebrity, Drew Scanlon, has just sent out an email to his patreons explaining that he has decided to end... [Read More]
Trackmania 2020 is live, and so is my unofficially-official server!Unofficial Classic returns, and it's.. unusual! Like all of Trackmania 2020. And b... [Read More]
If anyone is looking for a Giant Bomb guild for Dota 2, I made one with the guild tag: GBD2Please feel free to join, all... [Read More]
I reflect on Vinny's point that art should be free to access and he's correct.IMO, there are two sides of the coin about a marketplace... [Read More]
starting school for my A+ cert (computer repair). wish me luckany feedback for someone trying to get into the I.T. game... [Read More]
Hello!So, for my research, I need to find a game, that went through development issues and was redirected to another company or changed entire develop... [Read More]
Hey gang!!I hope everyone's well in this extremely turbulent time for the human race? I'd say I'm at about....an 8/9 out of ten. I hope... [Read More]
Hey gang!Like most of you (hopefully!), I've reached that point in my life where I wanna develop my life and career, and for me at... [Read More]
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