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forgot all about this game until just now. It's a point-n-click adventure game, which isn't for... [Read More]
Howdy folks,Not a ton of buzz around here so far, but if you're looking for some folks to hang out and play some games with... [Read More]
It has been a long time, nearly nine years, since I have made a blog post here. Part of that is simply due to life... [Read More]
Apparently GameSpot is kicking of a big event with a lot of streams planned out for the next week and today, first up, is a... [Read More]
"The NYPD are white supremacists and the system needs to be dismantled." - Abby RussellI'm sorry fam. I cant do it anymore. As... [Read More]
Howdy folks, I know there wasn't a ton of interest in the beta round these parts, but those of us who did the twitch drop... [Read More]
in doom 2016 the slayer was trapped by Samuel Hayden, but the game just starts with you on a ship with no mention of the... [Read More]
I've been having a bit of a Mendela Effect moment.I recently bought a 2070 Super to upgrade from the 970 that came with my PC.... [Read More]
It wasn't that far past the previous blog when I remembered why I stopped playing loot RPGs. The constant influx of treasure and character progression... [Read More]
It feels like there's been an uptick in people making cool stuff for GB recently, so I thought it would be worthwhile gathering them all... [Read More]
Y'all got your new hairstyles ready for June yet? Well, get in here and we'll figure it out. [Read More]
Dunston Checks In is a 90s movie with very little going for it. It's got George from Seinfeld managing a hotel with an orangutan in... [Read More]
I know the hosts of the current podcasts are acutely aware, and Vinny alluded to that at the start of the most recent Beastcast, but... [Read More]
Synaptic Drive is a duplicate of Synaptic Drive, which already existed in the DB. [Read More]
I've been using the GB Enthusiast app for months and like it a lot. Not long ago, I let my GB subscription expire until this... [Read More]
Well Hi!I have a problem that I'm mostly getting ignored on computer diagnostic forums, and I can't get the best of answers just on the... [Read More]
It's been a hot minute since I last checked in with Danish developers Die Gute Fabrik ("The Quality Factory", far as I can tell), having... [Read More]
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