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Peloton is pushing back against a request from federal regulators to recall its Tread+ treadmill after the product was involved in a child's death last... [Read More]
The latest big name to get in on the NFT craze is former intelligence contractor and whistleblower Edward Snowden, who on Friday auctioned off an... [Read More]
A very reliable source has confirmed that Doctor Octopus is coming back for the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home. That source? Doc Ock himself, actor... [Read More]
Apple TV+ may take some time before arriving on the remote. [Read More]
"Truth," this week's penultimate episode of Disney+'s Falcon and the Winter Soldier, introduced a major cameo in guest star Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Her character has some... [Read More]
In this week's toy news roundup, Hot Toys reveals a new Ahsoka Tano inspired by Rosario Dawson's portrayal of the Clone Wars hero in Disney+'s... [Read More]
From late winter to early spring, Andrew Yang's press team has co-opted my work brain with ALL-CAPS ravings about ANDREW YANG and his WEDNESDAY SCHEDULE. [Read More]
In yet another bid to completely dominate all things e-commerce, Amazon's reportedly begun testing a premium service that lets its customers opt into having their... [Read More]
A new investigation from The Guardian shows police and other public officials have been financially contributing to the legal defense of Kyle Rittenhouse, the 18-year-old... [Read More]
SpaceX has won a lucrative NASA contract to build the first lunar lander since the Apollo program. The announcement comes as a big surprise, as... [Read More]
The Voyageurs Wolf Project released the first camera footage captured last summer from a wild wolf. [Read More]
One of the niftier readditions to Zack Snyder's Justice League was Ryan Choi, aka the scientist who eventually becomes the hero the Atom, played by... [Read More]
You don't need to be an advanced coder to use it. [Read More]
Scientists have re-examined the creations of one of the earliest color photographers, Gabriel Lippmann, who used no pigments or dyes of any kind in his... [Read More]
Disney loves nothing more than repurposing its familiar properties, whether that means a live-action version of an animated classic or elevating a fairy-tale villain into... [Read More]
Project CHIP, backed by Apple, Google, Amazon, and other big companies, will soon make smart home gadgets more compatible with each other. [Read More]
But wait until you hear what Spotify pays. [Read More]
Two years ago, astronomers acquired the first direct image of a black hole. A coordinated observation campaign of this object is now adding to our... [Read More]
It turns out Middle-earth doesn't come cheap. Today it was confirmed that Amazon Studios is spending an astonishing $465 million to make its Lord of... [Read More]
A new report from the regional think tank Ohio River Valley Institute finds that just four states in Central Appalachia are home to one-fifth of... [Read More]
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