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Willamette Week's Matthew Singer is reporting that an 8.6 film festival screening of Kindergarten Cop in Portland has been deep-sixed... [Read More]
Thanks to Sasha Stone for stepping in like a good pal and swatting this miserable gnat. [Read More]
I almost certainly would have suffered through Mulan if I'd seen it at a theatrical all-media screening. I'll probably suffer... [Read More]
In an interview with Gray Television Washington Bureau Chief Jacqueline Policastro given earlier today, Orange Plague said "he's ready to... [Read More]
I distinctly recall talking about "Yosemite Sam" with a friend when I was seven or eight years old, and calling... [Read More]
The COVID death tally "is what it is"? He could restore the $600 weekly to families living on the brink... [Read More]
A 32-year gap between a married couple isn't a problem. As long as the guy is the older party, that... [Read More]
You think I want to clear my desk so I can see David Ayer's The Tax Collector (RLJE Films, 8.7)?... [Read More]
I don't know how many times I've used the phrase "did a tree fall on him?" but several times, I'd... [Read More]
It wasn't as if Blake Lively hadn't been warned about fetishizing and flirting with the lore of the Antebellum South.... [Read More]
In my heart of hearts I'd like to impose a Mississippi Burning payback fantasy upon Orange Plague, Mitch McConnell, Stephen... [Read More]
Jordan Ruimy: Chloe Zhao's Nomadland, Francis Lee's Ammonite, Steve McQueen's Small Axe anthology and Gianfranco Rosi's Notturno seem to be... [Read More]
Deadline's Mike Fleming is reporting that Netflix is looking to buy Joe Wright's long-delayed The Woman in the Window from... [Read More]
JFK would have had to present himself as a tough Cold Warrior in the '64 presidential race against Barry Goldwater.... [Read More]
Yesterday (8.2) I was slammed by some extra-sensitive readers for writing the following in my "Bad Ellen Vibes" piece: "My... [Read More]
I respect stunt professionals, and certainly admire their agility and bravery. But the only stunts that really make the grade... [Read More]
Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden has wimped out and dropped the ball as far as picking his vice-presidential nominee is... [Read More]
I can actually do a pretty good imitation of Dylan singing this…"it's a choice that we're makin'….we're saaaaavin' our own... [Read More]
Because time travel is a passport to all kinds of excitement and adventure and God-knows-what-else, not to mention opportunity and... [Read More]
Posted on 10.3.10: In Secretariat (Disney, 10.8), Diane Lane gives an earnest, steady-as-she-goes performance as Penny Tweedy, the conservative housewife... [Read More]
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