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Sales of "Forrest Gump" really took off after Tom Hanks portrayed the title character in a movie that won six Oscars. [Read More]
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Monday sowed confusion over its stance on the airborne transmission of the coronavirus. [Read More]
It caught the nation off-guard but, having been through it once, our writers have an idea on how they would deal with another lockdown... [Read More]
The late Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will lie in state at the U.S. Capitol on Friday, becoming the first woman in history so... [Read More]
Oh, no! Not New Hampshire again! Not another elegy to those flinty and finicky voters! No, not that! [Read More]
Measure No. 2 on the November ballot has been proposed by the Legislature to make the proposal and adoption of amendments to the state constitution... [Read More]
Name-dropping the famous going through their airport to papers has caused them embarrassment this time; they got their British PMs mixed up... [Read More]
Christopher Polvoorde turned 20 in late July, which is an age considered by some to still earn him the label as "just a kid." [Read More]
This summer, the Valley saw only two days of rain -- the lowest number of days ever on record. [Read More]
Jenn Jackson, assistant professor of political science, has been awarded $20,000 for their research project Race, Risks, and Responses: Mapping Black Americans' Response to Group... [Read More]
His death on Saturday is under investigation. [Read More]
How neuroscience can help us to be doers of the Word. [Read More]
The move, Bill de Blasio explained, is purely a political stunt aimed at firing up Trump supporters. Trump has also threatened federal funding. [Read More]
How neuroscience can help us to be doers of the Word. [Read More]
Ta-Nehisi Coates, Bree Newsome, & others explore what reparations mean for African Americans & why it is important for Election 2020... [Read More]
Esports opens new opportunities for evangelism, even during a pandemic. [Read More]
La tormenta tropical Beta azota la costa de Texas con vientos de 80 km/h. Se espera que traiga condiciones de tormenta tropical, horas de lluvia... [Read More]
Jack Boughton, the wayward pastor's son, is a central character. So is Jesus. [Read More]
Generations take up the gospel work of becoming a beloved community. [Read More]
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