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One project aims fight misinformation in "two democratic and public health crises facing the U.S." [Read More]
Ned Price says he's "grateful for the protection from severe illness offered by safe and effective vaccines." [Read More]
Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller thrown in brig over viral videos critiquing Afghanistan pullout... [Read More]
The State of California claimed "climate change" was a "key driver" in this and other fires authorities later blamed on arson... [Read More]
This points to an ulterior motive, a hidden agenda... [Read More]
Sordid scheme is back again under the guise of a 'public consultation'. [Read More]
The plan is to FIRE the nation's finest nurses and doctors and replace them with trained soldiers who will be forced to obey orders... [Read More]
"Our reaction to the photos has not changed." [Read More]
"Some of the questions are not always about the topic he's talking about" [Read More]
Moves all first and second year students to remote learning. [Read More]
Pharma giant claims experimental injection is "safe and effective" for very young children... [Read More]
Infowars: There's a War on for your Mind! [Read More]
J&J officials also warn Project Veritas not to take their company's COVID vaccine. [Read More]
The Alex Jones Show - September 27, 2021... [Read More]
The Biden administration wants more Covid deaths... [Read More]
Several hundred activists held signs and lined the streets of Rochester near Strong Memorial Hospital to protest mandate which will reportedly affect 300 employees. [Read More]
"One thing's for sure, a quarter of the country can't go unvaccinated and us not continue to have a problem," says puppet president. [Read More]
The mandate is set to take effect this week... [Read More]
Policymakers have pushed inflation at any cost with the most aggressive monetary policy in decades... [Read More]
Biden admin hiding truth about how many illegals entered U.S. in Del Rio surge... [Read More]
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