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Inside Edition's Megan Alexander and our special correspondent pro-golfer Paige Spiranac attended Super Bowl opening night. [Read More]
A California exterminator discovered thousands of acorns flowing out of the wall of a house in Santa Rosa. [Read More]
Officials are heightening security at electrical substations after two people allegedly plotted to plunge the city of Baltimore into darkness. [Read More]
At least 36 people were killed following landslides in several villages in south Peru that were triggered by strong rain. It's estimated that 630 homes... [Read More]
Rescuers pulled a newborn baby boy out from underneath earthquake rubble in Turkey. [Read More]
Brandon Russell and Sarah Clendaniel met in prison. She was doing time for holding up convenience stores with a machete, while he was serving four years... [Read More]
An NYPD officer and father of two, who was just 26, planned to meet a man about buying a car on Facebook Marketplace and is now... [Read More]
Lindsay Clancy, the Massachusetts mother accused of killing her three kids while her husband went to pick up take out, was arraigned in her hospital... [Read More]
A baby was rescued after falling into a well and getting stuck for 17 hours. It happened in Thailand. Reports say the 1-year-old fell into... [Read More]
The most vulnerable are being rescued from the devastation of the earthquakes that hit Turkey and Syria. Civil Defence workers in Syria used their hands... [Read More]
A New York school administrator was stabbed while trying to protect a student from being attacked, police say. [Read More]
Why are fights breaking out inside some of the famous restaurant chain locations? Inside Edition decided to check it out and sent a team of... [Read More]
The 45-year-old mom from Lancashire has two daughters who miss her dearly, her husband said in a statement. [Read More]
History enthusiast Adrian Dawson used a metal detector to look around his Tasmania home for unexpected prizes, which led him to a very special bracelet. [Read More]
Waffle House is one of the nation's largest fast-food chains but the 24-hour eatery is also infamous for rowdy late-night crowds and all-out brawls. [Read More]
Officer Joel Nitchman is a hero after running out to the car to grab his K9 partner in the middle of a tornado. His first... [Read More]
A woman who was pronounced dead at a New York nursing home was discovered breathing at the funeral home, police say. The 82-year-old was in... [Read More]
Following the death of 6-year-old Anastasia Weaver, many anti-vaxxers clung to the idea that the child died due to her receiving a COVID vaccine. [Read More]
Famous golfer and social media influencer Paige Spiranac is now Inside Edition's special Super Bowl correspondent. [Read More]
Locals in Santiago, Chile, looted a beer truck carrying an 18-ton load after it was involved in an accident in the capital. According to reports,... [Read More]
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