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Which practices that institutions adopted to save money and to be more efficient during the pandemic should they keep now? We explore that question in... [Read More]
Sustainability in the future will be more important than ever. In today's Academic Minute, part of Penn State University Week, Jeffrey Stone shows how this... [Read More]
Increasing student engagement can make a better campus climate. In today's Academic Minute, part of Penn State University Week, Katherine McLean discusses a project that... [Read More]
Professors can learn a lot by seeing how students are interacting. In today's Academic Minute, part of Penn State University Week, Justine Lindemann finds out... [Read More]
This session will discuss how the President, Provost, and finance leaders can prepare for the future by building repeatable financial and operational planning and reporting... [Read More]
Technology in classrooms is becoming a necessity, but how do we make it more efficient? In today's Academic Minute, part of Penn State University Week,... [Read More]
Some Republican governors have been busy blocking colleges from requiring students to be vaccinated against COVID-19. In Texas, Governor Greg Abbott signed an executive order... [Read More]
The pandemic has disproportionately affected such young adults, and faculty members should support and advocate for them during this time, write Laura E. Enriquez, Mercedes... [Read More]
While students are still reporting COVID-19 mental health challenges, they are generally not taking advantage of counseling center services. As the following 12 ideas show,... [Read More]
Whatever our political allegiances, it is our duty as college and university leaders to combat shameful attempts to disenfranchise significant numbers of people, writes Michael... [Read More]
Study finds that most college diversity policies are based on educational benefits, consistent with the Supreme Court. This approach appeals to white people, but it... [Read More]
Professor pay declined this year for the first time since it recovered -- somewhat -- from the Great Recession. Salary data don't include professors who... [Read More]
Higher education must help people understand the Derek Chauvin trial and its implications, along with other examples of the brutality of racism, write Suzanne Rivera... [Read More]
How do we make students more active in their learning? In today's Academic Minute, part of Penn State University Week, Bill Goffe explores this question. [Read More]
Survey finds that they want requirements -- and so do their parents -- despite actions in Florida, Texas and Utah that might make them impossible. [Read More]
Patrick O'Connor offers three important things for students to remember about why colleges reject applicants. [Read More]
Start-up uses an algorithm developed by Sara Goldrick-Rab to approve student emergency aid applications quickly. Experts say the outsourcing can work, if known pitfalls can... [Read More]
President's proposed budget increases funding for Pell Grants, minority-serving institutions, research and more. But higher education organizations and experts say there are a few other... [Read More]
On day one of his presidency, Joe Biden signed 17 executive orders to reverse harmful policies enacted by his predecessor. What he can't undo with... [Read More]
Selective institutions are thriving in admissions this year, Common App shows. Not only are they getting more applicants over all, but also more from minority,... [Read More]
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