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A surge in Medicaid enrollment, along with the extension of unemployment benefits, has strained Florida's budget. [Read More]
Florida is now coping with an increase in its COVID-19 death toll, which indicates the widespread reach of the disease. [Read More]
Next week's Democratic National Convention will feature speakers across the ideological spectrum, from former moderate Republican Gov. John Kasich to progressive firebrand Sen. Bernie Sanders,... [Read More]
California Gov. Gavin Newsom will be charged with finding a candidate to fill the rest of Kamala Harris' senate term if she becomes vice president... [Read More]
The Archdiocese of Newark apologized to the family on behalf of the church, acknowledging in a statement that the priest was "regretful." [Read More]
Emhoff, the husband of Sen. Kamala Harris, could the nation's first Second Gentleman if Joe Biden wins the White House in November. [Read More]
A federal judge ultimately ruled that the lyrics were the property of the artists and not the plaintiff, Genius. [Read More]
Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden chose Sen. Kamala Harris of California after months of speculation that she was the frontrunner. [Read More]
These restrictions will prevent these partisan outlets from appearing under the platform's "News" tabs. [Read More]
Serena Williams shook off any rust she might've had and won her first tennis match in over seven months. [Read More]
Trump made his comments in an interview on Fox News Sports. [Read More]
The company said while it has made great strides in AI moderation, some things still require a human element. [Read More]
The number of young people in Germany continues to fall, as Europe's population continues to get older and birth rates decline. [Read More]
The Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department will also be investigating the shooting that took place during President Trump's live media briefing. [Read More]
The case, which began Tuesday morning, used Zoom to communicate with jurors while they were trained on how to use the video-conferencing tool. The case... [Read More]
Levi's CEO Chip Burgh said the company has been tracking people choice of clothes during the pandemic and found jeans are still popular even with... [Read More]
In 2010, the Census Bureau hired more than 711,000 temporary workers for the decennial count, compared to the 155,000 on the payroll at the beginning... [Read More]
One resident failed to fill out a travel form and one was fined an additional $1,000 for violating the 14-day required quarantine. [Read More]
Partnership with sports betting platform will give fans more opportunities to place wagers during races. [Read More]
Week after blast, Lebanon street at war with its leaders... [Read More]
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