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Bitcoin, Square, Cummins and Rocket Companies are our top stock trades for Monday. Now, let's get a look at the charts going into the weekend. [Read More]
Square's relentless innovation continues to drive blockbuster results, and pave the path for huge gains in SQ stock. [Read More]
Twilio is creating an AI-powered digital customer engagement platform with endless applications and limitless value, so buy TWLO stock. [Read More]
Roku's strong Q1 numbers underscore that recent weakness in ROKU stock is completely unwarranted. [Read More]
Beyond Meat had a bad first three months of 2021, but things will get better from here, so buy BYND stock on the dip. [Read More]
The Axon growth narrative continues to fire on all cylinders, underscoring why AXON stock is a buy-and-hold situation. [Read More]
Cosmos surged to a new all-time high around $32 today, but some experts could see ATOM-USD climbing as high as $191 in five years. [Read More]
If Truforma truly is a game-changer, there's hope the company could grab part of a potential $10.5 billion animal diagnostics market. [Read More]
Today's most-shorted stocks are mostly yesterday's news, but that doesn't mean there's not opportunity for investors going forward. [Read More]
IBM announced a milestone in semiconductors. Now, support for the Endless Frontier Act signals increased tech investment in Cloud, AI and IoT. [Read More]
Solana got a $100 cash injection from 5 major blockchain funds. Now, analysts are becoming bullish in their SOL price predictions. [Read More]
Outstanding deliveries and smart strategic alliances make XPEV stock an engaging EV play. Add it to your portfolio for long-term gains. [Read More]
QuantumScape lost 18% in April. QS stock is now down 64% year-to-date through May 4. Is there a better way to play this falling knife? [Read More]
So what's the best move, as shares hold steady near $20 per share? Wait for CCIV stock to pullback further. At levels nearing its offering... [Read More]
AT&T is facing many risks, including accelerated cord-cutting and reduced post-pandemic spending on hardware. T stock is a sell. [Read More]
AMC Entertainment reported Q1 2021 results. The good news if you own AMC stock is that next year's comps will look tremendous by comparison. [Read More]
Chia is blowing up today after Amazon's announcement to allow XCH mining on its cloud. Now, investors want to know where to buy it. [Read More]
All bets are off whether recent speculation can continue, but increased appreciation of its utility bodes well for Cardano in the long term. [Read More]
SafeMoon's $8 billion rise paves the way for more pseudo-anonymous crypto developers to become multi-millionaires. It's a warning to us all. [Read More]
SNDL stock is one of many cannabis stocks that's trying to gain a foothold in a dynamic market in Canada, with the U.S. still in... [Read More]
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